Robert Iger
•2017: $36M
•2018: $66M

Richard Han­dler
•2017: $19M
•2018: $45M

Stephen Mac­Mil­lan
•2017: $10M
•2018: $42M

CEOs getting annual $30M raise—but raising the 10-year-old min wage of $7.25/hr to $15/hr will somehow destroy the economy?🤔

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A brief reminder of the 3 main arguments in favour of the European Union:
1. World War 1
2. World War 2
3. World War 3
“Hang on a sec, there hasn’t been a World War 3.”

Parks and green space influence both physical and mental health. That’s why important for everyone to have access to those benefits, not just the affluent and highly educated, writes @Richard_Florida.

Woah — @emorwee calls @SenGillibrand signing the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge “one of the smart moves of her political career”

1. So I was on the Jeremy Vine (BBC) show today. They had me debate this think tank guy, Mark Littlewood from the ‘Institute of Economic Affairs’. Sounds very prestigious, eh?

New Orleans has trailed other similarly-sized cities in adopting “smart city” technology, but is now looking to 5G as its ticket to jump ahead.

And the roulette wheel spins and we already know who will win and who will lose…. A Boost To Big Banks Draws Democratic Support

Among Questions Raised by Pompeo’s Faith-Based Only Press Call: ‘How Many Muslim Reporters Invited?’

At the heart of the Bercow saga is that a Gov’t with no majority is trying to ram through an unpopular Brexit deal. Backing MPs into a corner by offering artificial choices, limiting scope to debate other options and running down the clock. This is not in the national interest.

Before Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank are joined in an unholy merger, they need to answer three questions:

How toxic is Deutsche Bank’s balance sheet❓
Has liquidity held up during the confidence crisis❓
Have U.S. regulators run out of patience❓

Climate change: Water shortages in England ‘within 25 years’ via ⁦@BBCNews⁩ and ⁦@EnvAgency⁩

It is no secret that the Kremlin has been throwing its weight around in the EU’s backyard. But its frequently discussed methods—propaganda, disinformation, and intelligence ops—pale in comparison to its activities in the energy sector.

The future of the Asiatic cheetah hangs in the balance. So too do the lives of the scientists who sought to preserve them:

Corrected tweet: To no one’s surprise, Deutsche Bank merger stumbles on questionable assets (as in, market value of assets is far less than book value). There is a reason the German financial regulators want this merger to be completed.

This whole fucking process is going to end with us trying, and failing, to fax an Article 50 revocation to the EU on Friday, isn’t it?

And it’ll be because Chris Grayling dialled the number wrong.

Rapidly rising floodwaters have created “an inland ocean” in Mozambique endangering thousands of families, as aid organizations scramble to rescue and provide food to survivors of Cyclone Idai

This is #SustainableFinance week. Today in London, my keynote on ‘Scaling up green finance – the role of central banks’ at excellent @NEF conference Central Banks and Sustainability organised by @Frank_vanlerven in London, on an #allwomen panel with @AnnPettifor

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: “You will never hear me mention” the name of the alleged Christchurch gunman. “He is a terrorist. He is a criminal … To others, I implore you: Speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them.” Via ABC

its says a lot about the white house that they want everyone to read a nazi;s manifesto but dont want anyone to see the mueller report

The metals mining industry dumped nearly 2 billion pounds of toxic waste in 2017, according to the @EPA. A @Publici investigation finds that the system meant to pay for cleanup is likely far underfunded.

These detained youth being held at clandestine sites have behavioral and mental health issues.

At least 5 sites AK, FL, OK, PA and VA are holding at least 16 boys & girls, some as young as 9 years old.

Blacksites for children.
Dear God this is madness.

Killing 7 million people every year.

📕 Read more: #airpollution #climatechange

If you aren’t too familiar with Africa you might find it interesting to study this map showing the population size of each African nation. I certainly learned a bit here. Source:

Or recognition of “new normal” that’s been the normal for a few decades? Or was the mid-20th century the “abnormal”?

China’s debt is still piling up – and the pile-up is getting faster

‘Why Educate the Public When You Can Give Billionaires Tax Cuts’: Trump Budget Would Slash All Federal Funding for Media, Arts, Libraries, Museums

A handful of companies control nearly all production for seeds, beef, pork, chickens, and dairy, but yeah who knows why rural America is declining, it’s a total mystery

Without UBI
“In the past two years, 18,701 people have died while waiting for a judge’s decision, increasing 15 percent from 8,699 deaths in fiscal 2016 to 10,002 deaths in fiscal 2017, according to preliminary federal data obtained by The Washington Post”

Quick #geography trivia about #Kiribati. It’s located in all four hemispheres. No other country can make such a claim. Source:

A quarter of all modern medicines come from tropical forest plants like the ones these indigenous activists are protecting deep in the Amazon rainforest. #ClimateAction = #Health4All. #IntlForestDay

“Cyclone Idai is a clear demonstration of the exposure and vulnerability of many low-lying cities and towns to sea-level rise” said @HeadUNISDR Mami Mizutori.

6 US states reeling as rivers rise to record levels

Think there’s no serious reporting anymore?

Article below exposes a Saudi government kidnap-and-murder squad that struck 12 times in 2 years, including murdering @washingtonpost columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

Super sophisticated, very costly reporting:

Mining companies polluted western waters. Now taxpayers have to pay for the clean up.

A new study shows that growing up in an affluent neighborhood brings “compounding privileges” and higher educational attainment—especially for white residents.

Top economist @AdamPosen delivers an inconvenient truth to Brexiters on UK global trade after Brexit. The law of economic gravity – you trade far more with the countries that are close to you.

I feel like Nebraska flooding is not really getting the attention it deserves.

When 90% of a city gets wiped out, you might think it would merit just a little coverage by our news media? Doh! Sorry, it’s in Africa. Therefore off the media map, unless it’s terrorism.

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