President Trump discovers a paradox of protectionism: his tariffs have driven down the exchange rates of the countries he has targeted. Exactly as economists predicted back in spring 2017

Seriously? This administration gave a $1.5 trillion tax cut to the 1%. Now they’re telling us they can’t afford health care for those of us who put on a uniform to serve our country. This is shameful.

It’s not just luxury-home listings that are piling up in New York City

More than 10 federal investigations have now been opened into Secretary of the Interior Department Ryan Zinke’s financial and ethical decisions during his tenure with the Trump administration.

Unbelievable. Although nothing is unbelievable anymore.

Republicans refuse to approve funding for cyber security upgrades to protect voting systems from attack.

They have money for baby cages & an ego-based military parade. But protecting democracy? Too expensive for them.

Before a last minute objection from ONE Republican Senator, we were minutes away from voting on a judge who said black students shouldn’t be able to organize on campus bc “white students seem to be doing alright without an Aryan Student Union.”

Just noodle that for a sec.

Republicans were willing to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit in order to pass a giant tax cut for rich people and big corporations. But now, they’re saying we can’t afford health care for veterans.

It was above 90°F north of the Arctic Circle yesterday in northern Finland — more than 30F warmer than a normal mid-July day.

We are rapidly changing the Earth’s climate, and the Arctic is the most rapidly changing place on the planet.

Trump administration to release proposals to weaken Obama-era vehicle fuel-efficiency standards, source says

I love this animation! World Income Mountains 1950-2015 animated in the style of Gapminder and Factfulness shows us just how many people are exiting the stage of extreme poverty. Source:

BREAKING: The @realDonaldTrump administration is removing habitat protections of endangered species.

In spite of the depravity, dishonesty, and dysfunction of his administration, @realDonaldTrump still maintains around 90% support from the @GOP.

But there’s an important under-discussed reason for that…

The @GOP is shrinking into Trump loyalists.

There’s reason to think that the real cyberthreat from Russia today is an attack on critical infrastructure in the United States—including one on the power grid that would turn off the lights for millions of Americans.

Gentler Gentrification in Philly’s Germantown

The market cap of the top 5 S&P 500 companies:


The market cap of the bottom 282 S&P 500 companies:


What a senseless waste. Why kill such a gentle creature? For ‘sport’?!?

RT if u want GLOBAL ban on all #trophyhunting NOW!!!

In light of the recent disturbing actions by @realDonaldTrump and new information we have learned, the GOP @HouseJudiciary Committee this morning is going to hold a classified briefing on the investigation into ….

Wait for it ….

Coming now ….

Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Tennessee hits record-breaking number of Confederate flag license plates

Jan 11, 2017 (Five days after Trump was briefed on highly classified intelligence detailing how Russia carried out its cyberattacks): Trump says U.S. intelligence agencies are taking “shots at me” … and compares U.S. intelligence agencies/officials to Nazis. #TrumpKnew

There are still 2,600 immigrant children who have yet to be reunited with their families or caretakers.

Here’s the NYT story exposing Trump as someone who tried, from 2 weeks before taking the oath of office, to deceive the entire country about how Putin personally helped him win by criminal hacking into our election infrastructure. This is huge.

Robert Mueller released an itemized list Wednesday night detailing well over 500 pieces of evidence that his prosecutors are considering presenting during Paul Manafort’s upcoming trial

Finally. mainline churches get serious about exposing the frauds who use religion to spread hate and rake in the cash.
Speaking of which, how is Trump’s evangelical advisory council “advising” him on Russia?

No. GOP doesn’t give a damn about voters other than as a hurdle to be manipulated. Donors are all that matter… “Brett Kavanaugh’s poll numbers aren’t good. Will it matter?” #news #feedly

“Trump’s FEMA to Americans: Don’t Count on Us This Hurricane Season” #news #feedly

“Ozone Pollution in US National Parks Is Nearly the Same as in Large Cities” #news #feedly

“The Vile Reason Why Republicans Will Keep Covering for Trump’s Unending — And Perilous — Scandals” #news #feedly

“House of Lords urges construction industry to speed up adoption of off-site manufacture” #realestate #feedly

“Don Jr. and Eric Trump’s Secret Service Costs Near $250K For A Single Month” #news #feedly

Supersize me: The average house in the #USA grew massively since 1920. Source:

“To blame anyone else but the government, Its advisers, the banks, the hedge fund managers and the corporate elite for our financial crisis is like blaming the stokers on the Titanic for hitting the iceberg!” Harry’s Last Stand

Report says factory farms are becoming a major source of greenhouse-gas production, plus antibiotic resistance and pathogenic #diseases.

The “War on Poverty” isn’t over, and kids are losing

Interior Dept launches investigation into Zinke over over real estate deal with Halliburton exec

Trump’s military parade expected to cost nearly as much as ‘tremendously expensive’ canceled war games.

The parade, which is now scheduled to take place on November 10, is currently estimated to cost approximately $12 million.


This man drives over 70km, several times a week, to deliver water to Kenya’s thirsty animals.

Humans aside, no species on Earth has a more complex society than that of elephants

At a Toronto restaurant, just overheard the manager advising European tourists on their way to Niagara Falls: “The Canadian side is prettier. And you don’t want to get stuck in an American holding cell.”

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