Next Century Cities is aiming to help cities large and small navigate new broadband options.

“Last week, a bombshell study confirmed that the oceans are warming 40 percent faster than many scientists had previously estimated.”

It is becoming increasingly clear that the IPCC’s recent dire report was too optimistic…

Let’s try something.

Fearmongers like to call #MedicareforAll socialism. But…

Public Education = Education-for-All
Libraries = Books-for-All
Postal Service = Mail-for-All
Public Roads = Roads-for-All

Medicare-for-All isn’t socialism, it’s good government.

#Chile is a very long country. How long? Glad you asked. It’s in fact Netherlands-Ireland-Denmark-Belgium-Slovakia-Czechia-Portugal-Slovenia-Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania long. Source:

The Greek Orthodox Church, the second-biggest landowner in the Holy Land, has in recent years been embroiled in a real estate controversy.

Student debt has prevented 400,000 young Americans from buying homes, the Fed says in a paper covering 2005 to 2014

Seattle has closed its elevated highway, the Alaskan Way Viaduct, in advance of an ambitious waterfront redevelopment. But first, drivers will experience some traffic pain. Welcome to “viadoom.”

“I thought you drilled a well and had good water…Now I’m stuck with a $10,000 dirty hole in the ground.” Rural Americans grapple with farm pollution

6 in 10 hedge funds lost money during a year to forget

Placemaking isn’t about replacing one group for another, as some believe—it’s about building upon what’s already there, writes @jvey1

After Hurricane Sandy, Hoboken rebuilt itself for climate change. AWESOME job @CityofHoboken AND @grist: via @grist

.@ZachVertin discusses how Gulf states’ efforts to develop security and economic relationships with countries in the Horn of Africa is changing the geopolitics of the region.

For New Yorkers dreaming of a big profit selling their home, it’s time for a reality check

1m fish killed in Australian river catastrophe

China’s slowdown means things are going to get worse in Asia before they get better

Next time @timkaine tries to move the funding package to the floor he should coordinate with @AOC and those she is working for

Mitch will be hiding so he can’t object


Cities could get more people walking, biking, and riding transit, according to a new report, if they just know where to look for improvement. @ASmall_Word reports:

“The whole point of the Norway model is that we would remain in the economic side of the EU but not the political side.”

The belief that the economic can be neatly separated from the political is what makes this position so dangerous.

The increasing role of private philanthropy in urban parks raises the question of who is best served by these projects.

Emmanuel Macron’s summation of Brexit: ‘The British people were sold a lie’ – video

Walker gave Foxconn $4.1 billion, the biggest handout of public money to a foreign company in US history

How many tweets does it take to tweet the State of the Union?

In today’s @WSJ there is a joint statement from 4 former fed chairs, 27 Nobel Laureate economists, and 14 former chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers in favor of climate action. We need a Green New Deal and a price on carbon. The only thing in our way is elected R’s.

NUMO’s overarching goal is to help stakeholders find ways to make cars less dominant fixtures in urban spaces.

LATEST: The International Monetary Fund is urging the Trump administration and lawmakers to reach a shutdown deal

At last panel of #EUcompdigit Prof @MazzucatoM urges us to think about where the value of technologies comes from – how were new technologies created? Lots of them were public financed (eg internet, GPS) so it’s important to make sure they are being used for the public good

10/10 Read the full story of the life and death of an American tent city, by @tanvim:

A partial government shutdown has done what prior (full) shutdowns failed to do: It’s gotten economists worried.

“It’s no longer just a political sideshow, it’s a real recession risk.” via @morningmoneyben

Affordable housing along Toronto’s waterfront will soon be built out of #masstimber via @technology

Property Rights Battle Expected Along Trump’s Border Wall

Politically and culturally, Lynchburg, Tenn., is about as red-state America as you can get. It’s also home to a community college where residents attend for free.

“Taxes collected from rich people are not boarded onto a spaceship and blasted at the sun,” notes @DKThomp. “They help to support a range of services and benefits, some of which can make innovation more likely.”

Some cities we commonly think of as childless are not so childless at all. In New York City, for example, 26.2 percent of families have children under 18; in Los Angeles, the share is 27 percent, writes @richard_florida.

“Britain is governed by a self-involved clique that rewards group membership above competence and self-confidence above expertise.” In Brexit, the British “chumocracy,” the column declared, “has finally met its Waterloo.”…

Three centuries ago, humans were intensely using just around 5 percent of the Earth’s land. Now, it’s almost half, @dhmontgomery writes.

How the shutdown is jeopardizing housing for rural Americans

All four former Fed chairs call for US carbon tax

Kaiser Permanente announced several initiatives to improve citizens’ health by creating stable housing for vulnerable populations in the Oakland, CA region.

This assumes we care about “economic activity” for its own sake. I don’t. I’ll take 2% GDP broadly distributed over 3% distributed to just the top 1% of income 100 times out of 100. “Activity” only matters when it benefits actual people.

In new book, Christie says Jared Kushner said his father’s hiring of (an illegal) prostitute to blackmail his brother-in-law was simply a “family matter.” Stunning view of Kushner criminality.

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