In 2018, the National Wildlife Federation reported a nearly 15 percent decrease of eastern monarchs overwintering in Mexico from the previous year.

To help tackle the threat to bees 🐝posed by invasive insects, pesticides, land-use change and monocropping practices, which may reduce available nutrients for bee colonies, @FAO recommends planting a variety of bee-friendly flowers. #Savethebees

Members of the Trump admin. who have used personal email to conduct official business:
1) Ivanka Trump
2) Jared Kushner
3) Steve Bannon
4) Stephen Miller
5) Reince Priebus
6) Gary Cohn
7) Betsy DeVos

Their hypocrisy has no limits.

This opinion is a great read and a resounding victory for the House Oversight Committee seeking financial records relating to POTUS by subpoena.

Every American must read this to expose the corruption! 🔥🔥

Conservative ‘Dark Money’ Group Spent $22 Million To Promote Brett Kavanaugh

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Judge Mehta, Page 24: “It is simply not fathomable that a Constitution that grants Congress the power to remove a President for reasons including criminal behavior would deny Congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct—past or present.”

BREAKING: Trump has instructed Don McGahn to defy his subpoena and skip his planned House testimony.

If you or I were subpoenaed for any reason and didn’t show up, they would immediately send law enforcement to LOCK US UP.

Do the EXACT same thing to McGahn!

If Trump dares to order defiance of this judicial decision, that will be the constitutional crisis that only impeachment can resolve.

Can you bee-lieve 🐝 that without bees and other pollinators, we wouldn’t have coffee, apples, almonds, tomatoes and cocoa, among many other fruit and seed-producing crops? #Savethebees #WorldBeeDay

NEW from AP —

“An internal Education Department watchdog said Monday that Secretary Betsy DeVos has sometimes used personal email accounts for government business and did not always save the messages properly.”

Megali Idea. This map shows the territorial aspirations of #Greece after #WWI. I had no idea. Very interesting bit of #history. Source:

Democrats have always known they have to retake the Senate along with the House in 2020. Another reason gerrymandering, voter suppression & foreign election interference present serious challenges that McConnell has sidelined laws that would address.

So Don McGahn is a member of the bar. He is a partner at the law firm Jones Day. Does Jones Day believe their partners should ignore subpoenas? Someone should ask their partners. Heck, someone should ask their clients.

#BeatAirPollution for #WorldBeeDay

Bees🐝🐝 rely on their sense of smell to identify different flowers, making them effective pollinators.

But air pollution can mask scent molecules from plants, which means bees need to forage longer & become less effective pollinators.

Bees are crucially important to OUR food chain besides being an integral part of eco systems everywhere.

Connecticut plans to build a $60 million parking garage next to another parking garage instead of housing or office space near New Haven’s Union Station

Communities with a healthy mix of amenities can improve social well-being in ways that arguments over politics never will, writes @dcoxpolls and @streeterryan.

Trump must be the only ever ‘president’ who could disrespect the family of a fallen US soldier because they’re Muslims, then pardon a white US soldier who was found guilty of killing innocent Muslims…

McConnell threatens to block everything even if Trump loses in 2020: “If I’m still the majority leader in the Senate [in 2020], think of me as the Grim Reaper,” McConnell told voters in Owensboro, Kentucky, on Monday. “None of that stuff is going to pass.”

Guatemalan Teen Becomes 5th Migrant Child To Die After Border Patrol Detainment

“Without action to address the root cause of sea level rise—that is, the warming of the planet caused by our continued burning of fossil fuels–resiliency plans are futile.”

Important piece from @MichaelEMann:

Opponents of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ storm surge plans say some barrier configurations could disrupt fish migration & spawning grounds & interfere with the river’s tidal flow. “The tide is the heartbeat & respiration of the Hudson.” @riverkeeper

Instead of focusing on the civilization’s final stages, looking at Mayan adaptations shows how their communities survived for as long as they did, writes Kenneth Seligson, assistant professor of anthropology at @DominguezHills.

For five years, European nations have been trying to jump-start their ailing economies with what was supposed to be a radical, short-term remedy—negative interest rates. Instead, central banks haven’t been able to wean their economies off them.

🚫No bees 🐝🐝🐝
🚫No pollination 🌻
🚫No plants 🌱
🚫No food 🍎
🚫No life 🌍

#WorldBeeDay #Savethebees #ZeroHunger

A federal class-action lawsuit claims #NewYorkCity’s subway system has broken the law by failing to make stations wheelchair accessible –

This is cruel. This does not make our country safer or better. We separated a mom from her child during chemotherapy treatment. Speechless.

On #AMJoy this weekend, @gabrielsherman predicted after our media segment that Fox would use clips from the Buttigieg town hall to bash him on other shows. Prescient.

UN Peacekeepers often pay the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. On Friday @antonioguterres will honour the late Private Chancy Chitete with the highest UN Peacekeeping Award

This massive project in Utah’s Uintah Basin would drain billions of gallons of water from the Green River & generate enormous amounts of greenhouse gas pollution.

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