Joe diGenova out here saying Giuliani and Toensing canceled their trip to Kyiv because the US embassy threatened to block their visas but Americans don’t need visas to visit Ukraine

Awesome. Can the Dems ask her about the $25K donation she got from Trump which he illegally funneled from his foundation (and which was intended for charity) and one of the reasons for dissolving it and requiring his kids to go to remedial financial training?

Just wondering.

One civil servant will determine if the ERA gets added to the Constitution—the question is which authority he’ll turn to for guidance, writes @rwbdc:

The GOP has long sought to exclude noncitizens from the redistricting process. Now Trump wants to go further, suggesting anyone who is not eligible to vote, including children, don't have to be counted toward apportioning representation.

“Sinclair, the pro-Trump, conservative company taking over local news, explained.”

“Sinclair reaches 40 percent of households — and soon will reach 72 percent.” - 4/23/18

💰Salary ($1.4 million)
💰Yearly bonus ($2.5 million target)
💰Long-term incentive awards (about $7 million target)
💰Supplemental award of restricted stock units ($10 million)

Boeing's CEO doesn't need any more money to do his job (via @bopinion)

Btw, Trump’s use of WH Counsel to defend him could be illegal & is clearly improper: Trump is on trial as an individual who happens to be POTUS. Pat Cipollone is paid by all of us as WH Counsel to defend THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, not the dude We the People are seeking to fire.

“Mass timber creates an economic incentive to use forests sustainably while leaving them intact, making communities safer while also developing local economies.”- Melissa Jenkins, @forestservice

a lot are misinterpreting this tweet. it’s simply a call to cleanse the US of undesirable Iranian-Americans not sufficiently loyal to a set of criteria determined by a think tank that is funded by a billionaire. so relax.

China Pledged to Buy Billions of U.S. Goods, But The Math Isn't Adding Up

The devil is in the details... Trump’s Economy Isn’t as Strong as the Jobs Numbers Suggest

The U.S. devotes "40 million acres, nearly half as much land as we set aside for our biggest crops, to an inedible carpet," i.e. lawns. They're "an ecological disaster."

This argument is plausible — if you've spent the past 25 years in a cave somewhere. The modern GOP denies climate change and denounces carbon pricing as a tax increase that will destroy the economy. You might as well propose invoking magic unicorns 1/

always a good time to remember that incarcerated people are denied the right to vote but are still count as residents in the area where they are incarcerated, meaning they help determine how many representatives a district is allotted, essentially amplifying their jailers' votes

Experts warn that if we do not restore and reserve one-third of our land for nature by 2030, we will lose biodiversity forever. Millions of species will be lost, never to return.

The Anthropocene is the sixth mass extinction event in our planet’s history, and we are its cause.

From @AlanDersh’s 2018 book: “Assume Putin decides to ‘retake’ Alaska, the way he ‘retook’ Crimea. Assume further that [President Trump] allows him to do it ... That would be terrible, but [not] impeachable.” That’s really Trump’s legal position??????!!!@lisamurkowski take note!

Even though they have been largely forgotten, the struggles with gentrification during the 1970s form a chapter in the history of urban transformation that has much to teach us. #citylabarchive

This Barr explanation doesn’t quite add up. AG doesn’t just “drop in” like it’s down the hall. AG works on a different floor than Criminal AAG. For AG to get all the way to the CRM AAG conf room would have involved Barr security detail. Plus, on form, AG doesn’t go to others.

Grabs us by the heart and captured by the camera — Picture of the Year — Two Roos praising the falling rain

Be careful what you wish for. If GOP succeeds in declaring English the official language Dems will add violation as additional impeachment charge against Trump.

In many remote Alaskan communities, the only ways in or out are by boat or plane. Now the ferries could be shutting down, and “people are freaking out a little bit,” one resident told Marc Fawcett-Atkinson.

Here are the findings of the global Bloomberg Innovation Index, which analyzes dozens of criteria including R&D spending, manufacturing capability and concentration of high-tech public companies

#InvestinAfrica: Over the next decade, an additional 187 million Africans are projected to live in cities. This rapid urbanization will require vast amounts of energy and infrastructure. #Invest4Tomorrow @IFC_org

🍃 Sweden's Eco-Municipality's operations are based on a specific and scientific definition of sustainability, that is still currently developed.

Take a look at their sustainability principles ▶

During the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Mess Attendant 3rd Class took charge of an anti-aircraft battery, firing on Japanese aircraft until he was out of ammo.

WTF is going on in the UNITED STATES!?

A federal judge has granted North Dakota Republicans the ability to block Native Americans from voting via @businessinsider

Germany's farewell to coal is getting complicated by a new plant set to spew greenhouse gas pollution for almost two decades

Disasters alone won't shift public opinion. We need to rethink our approach to climate policy; giving people a positive reason to get on board.

America is the only developed country where preschoolers have to engage in child labor to keep their classmate from dying. These kids are kindhearted beyond words, but any healthcare system that would put them in that position to begin with is clearly immoral.


“It could happen anytime now.”

Text and WhatsApp messages show that the conspiracy against Indigenous environmental activist Berta Cáceres reached the highest ranks of the company whose dam she had been protesting.

“Over the last two years, the debate over international taxes has broadened from a narrow consideration of the digital economy to a reassessment of the conventions for determining how governments allocate tax rights over the profits of multinationals.”

New sleeper train from Sweden will get passengers to London by morning

This is interesting from Stefan Rahmstorf. Warming now stands at 1.2C over late 19thC pre-industrial #climate. That’s around 0.3C in last decade, so not hard to see why we will likely do another 0.3C this decade and hit 1.5C by 2030, as a good deal of research already suggests.

Barr also had greater participation than previously disclosed in an Aug meeting with Trump allies, DiGenova and Toensing, who asked him to intervene on behalf of their client, Ukrainian mobster Dmytro Firtash, who's fighting extradition to the US.

NEW: In Sep, Barr briefly attended a Giuliani meeting at DOJ in a previously undisclosed encounter.

Justice officials sought to cover up Barr's interactions with Giuliani since it became clear that Giuliani is under federal investigation by SDNY.

Denied access to the global dollar-based infrastructure, organisations become isolated and, usually, financially crippled

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