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Running fully on renewables would demand 85% of Earth’s lithium resources, with steep social and environmental impacts. Highways abuzz with electric cars traveling between sprawling suburbs won’t solve our problems. Must build compact places. #cities

The Tories are promising to cut immigration. Ask yourself…

1. Why haven’t the Tories cut immigration already? They’ve been in power since 2010, and the vast majority of immigration is from outside the EU.

2. Why are you so bothered about immigration anyway?

The targeting of EU27 citizens in the UK election is cheap populism from politicians who know better, but don’t seem to care about the consequences.

EU citizens living in the UK pay taxes & contribute to the NHS. Many work for the NHS or in social care.

Thinking of the many, many treasury debates we’ve had when they denied this. At least they got there in the end

Ugly migrant bashing by @andrealeadsom on #r4today. She claims the UK is “tolerant and open” while pushing the hard narrative that EU migrants come to the UK to not work and claim benefits.

The truth is European migrants pay in £15.5 billion more to the UK than they take out.

Our #SingleMarket lets you do business across the EU.
New rules adopted today will provide clear harmonised procedures for companies to merge, divide or move within the Single Market.

Listening to Andrea Leadsom on TV, talking about all the wonderful things the Tories will do for UK business. They have been in government for nine years, so why haven’t they done all this already? Same with schools and the NHS – they had their chance!

In the Netherlands, campaigners want government agencies and companies to turn off the lights at night so citizens can rediscover the beauty of darkness.

For @soledadobrien, the presidency of Donald Trump has ripped the cover off a lot of things, including the soft and vulnerable underbelly of U.S. journalism

“We‘re so beyond austerity now” says Chuka Umunna, a mere 2 days after his party unveiled plans to run a permanent fiscal surplus

The slums of the world’s growing cities have become staging grounds for demonstrations against corruption, inequality, and municipal dysfunction, writes Henry F. (Chip) Carey.

London had a solid anti-Brexit majority (60 per cent), Budapest, Istanbul and Moscow voted against their countries’ authoritarian leaders and New York is leading the ‘rebellion’ against its own citizen who is currently the president of the United States.

Mariana Mazzucato has demonstrated that the real driver of innovation isn’t lone geniuses but state investment. Now she’s working with the UK government, EU and UN to apply her moonshot approach to the world’s biggest challenges

Happy Independence Day, Latvia!
Sveicam dzimšanas dienā, Latvija!
Did you know that the Latvian flag 🇱🇻 is one of the oldest in the world?
It dates back to the 13th century and symbolises the fight for freedom.

Small farmers should read article about how their hero is screwing them yet again.. Trump Hails New Farm Aid Billions As Report Reveals Money Helps Wealthy, Southerners

The “cash” is compliments of American taxpayers. It’s called a bailout. President Trump raises consumer prices with tariffs (taxes on Americans), hurts American farmers, and then takes money from taxpayers to aid the farmers he hurt.

In order for Sweden to meet its ambitious climate goals, the country says all citizens must be actively invested.

To make this possible, officials have hired a “chief storyteller” to help communicate methods of climate action to the general public.

Boris Johnson has announced plans for 60 new youth centres.

Since 2010, the Tories have closed 763 youth centres.

Don’t fall for Tory lies.

Some people predicted this would happen. Others predicted the corporate tax cuts would spark an investment boom. Which of these two sets of people should you trust on economic matters going forward?

We spend more on defense funding than the next 7 countries combined. Why is America only broke when the discussion is about uplifting the most vulnerable in our communities?

40% of farmer revenue this fiscal year came from the government, using a Depression era program. This is textbook socialism. Enjoy!

Lots of billionaires are shoving their entire foot in their mouths when it comes to making them pay their #FairShareTaxes. This one though? This one gets it.

Let’s be clear about what’s actually going on here — Trump is redistributing American taxpayer funds to farmers to buy them off since he killed their export markets with his trade war

This is how the system works:

1) Corporations demand lower taxes, claiming it will create jobs.

2) They lobby the President and Members of Congress with campaign cash.

3) They make billions in lower taxes, while not creating jobs or making new investments.

4) Repeat.

The Trump tax cut has been a big flop — huge giveaways to corporations, no visible rise in investment. So the critics were right, and the supporters wrong 1/


The socialist-style payoff farmers will receive to compensate them for the impact of @realDonaldTrump’s tariffs comes from AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.

Let’s talk about this. (thread)

In 2017, Americans were promised by large corporations that if we slashed their taxes, they’d invest it.

In the plot twist of the century, it turns out they started to pocket the money instead. So yes, they lied.

And: ‘Data show no statistically meaningful relationship between the size of the tax cut that companies received and the investments they made. If anything, the companies that received the biggest tax cuts increased their capital investment by less.’

The global micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) landscape faces a significant finance gap in the mid-late growth stage of innovation.

“no question we’d see a renaissance of capital investment,” FedEx’s Smith told Kudlow 8/17 about tax-cut.

“4 months later, Trump signed it. FedEx tax rate fell from 34% to less than zero. But it didn’t increase investment in new equipment, other assets.”

Yesterday, Trump pardoned Edward Gallagher over Pentagon objections:
– He shot a girl in a flower-print hijab who was walking with other girls.
– Stabbed a wounded teen to death as he was being treated by medics.
– Shot an unarmed man in a white robe.

How FedEx cuts it’s tax bill to $0. In 2017 the firm owed more than $1.5 billion in taxes. The next year, nothing. What changed? The Trump tax cut — for which the company had lobbied hard. Great piece via @jimtankersley @uwsgeezer @bencasselman

UK renewables generate more electricity than fossil fuels for first time #AlternativeEnergy #Sustainable

At 2pm, LAF’s popular Do You Speak Developer? webinar is re-imagined as an education session at the Conference on Landscape Architecture! Check out the session to gain insight on how LAs can translate our work into a language compelling to developers (SAT-B02) #ASLA2019

To remain safe, carriers must stay ever-farther out to sea. Their usefulness drops with every nautical mile

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