Oasis Pro Integrates with Provenance Blockchain To Drive Adoption of Tokenized Real-World Assets

Oasis Pro’s suite of products provide critical infrastructure needed for regulated financial institutions to tokenize and manage financial products on-chain

NEW YORK / SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13, 2023 – Oasis Pro, a leading digital asset securities infrastructure provider enabling tokenization, transfer agent service, and broker-dealer / ATS (alternative trading system) services, today announced an integration with Provenance Blockchain, a leading decentralized blockchain purpose-built for financial services with over $8B in real-world financial asset total value locked (TVL).

The integration brings together two leading platforms to provide needed capabilities and optionality for financial institutions and fintechs seeking to tokenize and manage real-world financial assets utilizing blockchain technology. In recent months, financial institutions have increased tokenization efforts in an aim to enable greater efficiency and access to a variety of financial products, including investment funds, private equity, and debt. Research by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) suggests that the tokenization of global illiquid assets could reach $16 trillion by 2030.

As part of the integration, Oasis Pro will provide seamless accessibility to products including Oasis Pro Tokenization, Oasis Pro Transfer Agent, and Oasis Pro Markets – a full-service investment bank and a FINRA registered marketplace for digital asset securities.

“Having supported over $15B in real-world financial asset transactions, Provenance is the number one blockchain for institutions tokenizing real-world assets. Through our comprehensive offering and licenses, we provide a best-in-class complete solution for institutions and fintechs aiming to tokenize and manage the lifecycle of securities utilizing blockchain technology. We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Provenance Blockchain Foundation to educate and drive adoption of tokenization and blockchain technology.” said Pat LaVecchia, CEO of Oasis Pro.

“Oasis Pro is among the most capable, professional and innovative companies in the digital asset securities ecosystem” added Anthony Moro, Acting CEO of the Provenance Blockchain Foundation. “We’re excited to connect Oasis Pro’s broad range of products and services to financial institutions and fintechs looking to tokenize assets on Provenance Blockchain.”

Purpose-built exclusively for the financial services and insurance industry, Provenance Blockchain is routinely the blockchain of choice for tokenization and has played a key role in several financial services firsts, including the first blockchain-native consumer loans, first asset-backed securitization on blockchain, and the first bank-minted tokenized deposits in the U.S. Provenance Blockchain is leveraged by more than 70 leading financial institutions including Apollo Global Management, Hamilton Lane, and Guaranteed Rate, and innovative fintechs such as Figure.

Through the integration of Oasis Pro with Provenance Blockchain, regulated financial institutions now have a holistic destination to tokenize, manage, and scale digital asset securities on leading infrastructure built specifically for regulated financial services institutions. Those wishing to learn more can visit: Connect Oasis Pro

About Oasis Pro:

Oasis Pro is a global fintech infrastructure provider for real world assets and digital securities. Leveraging our deep wall street and blockchain expertise we guide traditional financial institutions and sophisticated investors in the evolution of alternative asset investing. Oasis Pro provides a holistic multi-asset trading platform solution for both public and private tokenized securities using digital cash or fiat. Oasis Pro’s subsidiary, Oasis Pro Markets, is a FINRA member firm that operates a multi-asset alternative trading system (ATS), OATSPRO, to allow primary issuance and trading of public and private multi-asset digital securities as well as a full-service investment bank. Learn more at www.oasispromarkets.com. Securities are offered through Oasis Pro Markets, Member FINRA/SIPC.

About Provenance Blockchain:

Provenance Blockchain is modernizing financial services with an open source, public blockchain that is purpose-built and properly permissioned. The leader powering financial services with over $8B in real-world financial asset value locked (TVL) and over $15B in supported financial transactions, Provenance Blockchain is leveraged by more than 70 leading firms, from the largest banks and asset managers to the most innovative emerging fintechs. Provenance Blockchain enables regulated financial service firms of all sizes to seamlessly and securely deploy and manage the full lifecycle of digitally-native financial assets at scale with interoperability on blockchain technology. Founded in 2018, Provenance Blockchain is a complete blockchain solution optimized for compliance and built with Cosmos SDKs and IBC integration. The native utility token, HASH, is used to pay transaction fees and enable governance. Please visit Provenance Blockchain at Provenance.io and follow us on Twitter @provenancefdn and on LinkedIn.

Oasis Pro Inc. is the parent company of Oasis Pro Markets LLC, a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC. Nothing contained in this newsletter constitutes a recommendation or an offer, or solicitation of an offer, to buy or sell any security or investment product.


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Digitalized Tokenized Real Estate Part 2

Why Digitalize? 

  • Automatesdocument retrieval and data entry.
  • Trusted Data improves asset values and liquidity.
  • Deliver current pricing and performance data at greater speed, lower cost, and more frequency.
  • Dramatically reduce cost and friction of asset valuations and due diligence time.
  • Eliminate duplication of efforts to value and audit assets.

Data is stored in one trusted database automatically (as authorized) providing information to investors, lenders, service providers such as accountants, and third-party valuators who can provide updated opinions of value (optional).

Why Tokenize?

  • Management tokens are electronic versions of documents combined with smart contracts to define and automate an offering and associated workflow. The smart contract defines what happens upon the occurrence of an event. For example, the digitalization component reports share sales and distribution. The smart contract transfers ownership of the shares, calculates and makes the distribution, updates the capital table, and stores the information on an auditable, unalterable blockchain with all information available via a secure online portal.
  • Flexibilitysmart contracts allow for complex structures. Cash flows can be allocated in various configurations: to senior lenders, to mezzanine, to preferred equity, to general partners and limited partners – with automatic, instantaneous waterfall calculations and capital account adjustments. Actions dictated by the smart contracts embedded in the token could also be non-financial, for example management of timeshare units or club memberships.
  • Liquidity – Currently real estate is an illiquid asset, localized, with high due diligence and transactional costs – especially on the trading of limited interests. Digitalization provides the necessary information and Tokenization opens the investment to the world as a tradeable instrument – in conformance with SEC and other legal regulation.

 The sponsor could stop here with a cost and operationally efficient investor relations platform or continue to a listing on an Alternative Trading System to raise capital and allow the investors to actively trade a previously illiquid asset.

Benefits of Digitalization + Tokenization + Alternative Trading Systems:

  • Fractionalization smaller investment amounts accessing more investors.
  • Globalization cross-border real estate finance is complicated and requires significant investment in understanding local law and practices – security tokens regulation is handled by the issuer and the tokens can be listed on multiple markets or sold to investors outside of the listing market (subject to legal requirements) thus opening investments to any investor with internet access.
  • Ease of Informationdue diligence/investment information is available online.
  • Ease of Investment – investors trade tokens similar to trading stocks & bonds.
  • Institutional Tradinginstitutional trading desks accept lower yields/higher prices in return for easy access to reliable due diligence information and the ability to trade electronically on a regulated market.