When billions of infrastructure dollars start pouring into Wisconsin, Senator Ron Johnson will want to take credit. He can’t: he voted against it. Your RT and small donation supports our efforts to remind Wisconsinites.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: “I don’t think the concern of a journalist is whether we can have a single, unifying narrative. I think the concern of the journalist is to try to help us understand the society we live in and to get as close to the truth as possible.”

“Car crashes are the leading cause of death for Americans aged 1 to 39. They rank in the top 5 killers for Americans 65 & under. If US roads were a war zone, they would be the most dangerous battlefield the American military has ever encountered.”

We are at n existential moment. Trump and top Republican elected leaders make clear that they will overturn elections if their blatant voter suppression efforts don’t work. And most mainstream media are oblivious, treating the abnormal and deadly dangerous as normal and routine.

Biden wonders publicly whether burn pits caused his son’s death. Activists want him to do more on the issue.

The most obvious display of bias was when Chuck Todd gave 10 minutes to Trump’s campaign spokesman a month before the election and refused to let a Democrat come on after, even though one was booked. MTP canceled the Democrat the night before because they wanted only GOP voices

Asking the press to tell the public basic facts about legislation is not the same as asking the press to cheerlead for a party. It’s asking the press to perform their role in democracy: inform the citizenry. Here’s my interview on @ReliableSources

Yes. An imperfect democracy, but one that has moved steadily forward since 1965. Now moving backwards. GOP is now claiming 2020 election was “stolen” bc governors allowed vote by mail in a pandemic for which there was no vaccine at the time.
Let that sink in for a minute, folks.

The most important charts:
Unvaxxed people are ~13X MORE LIKELY TO DIE from COVID, 5X more likely to get infected. And this *understates* the benefits! CDC data via NYT


Trump stole $750,000 worth of art from the US Ambassador’s residence in Paris & had the works flown to the White House

Without telling the Ambassador

Then when we kicked him out he stole priceless art from the White House

So please for the love of God shut up about Le Creuset

Remember they told you:

1 Trump was going to get indicted right after Jan 20.

2 Rudy Giuliani was going to get indicted any day.

3 Trump’s tax returns were “really” coming this time.

4 Stormy Daniels/Michael Cohen would end Trump

5 The “bombshell” Deutsche bank investigation

Once again @chucktodd invited *zero* Democrats onto Meet the Press today

This is a GOP propaganda show that pushes right-wing orthodoxy every week, prohibits liberals from offering a balanced counterpoint and rewards people like Tate Reeves who push the Big Lie with more airtime

Former advisers to President Joe Biden say travel restrictions will do little to stop the spread of new Covid-19 variants, and the U.S. and other nations would be better off increasing vaccine deliveries to Africa

“I truly believe that prosecutors can indict Donald Trump tomorrow if they really wanted, and be successful,” Trump’s former personal attorney said of New York law enforcement’s investigation of the Trump Organization.

Here are the standard answers given for 5+ years:

1. “They’re just waiting for X, Y, Z” (it changes)

2. “There is a lot going on behind the scenes”

3. “Be patient”

4. “Calm down”

5. “Let the system work”

6. “You don’t understand”

7. “This is not a Law and Order episode”

With the Senate facing a do-or-die moment on protecting the right to vote, opponents of reform want to shift the topic to whether liberals are hypocrites about the filibuster. It’s a phony. The real hypocrisy would be failing democracy itself.
My column

His full answer is excellent. They are damaging science. People are dying because the Republican Party has decided being anti-science is a winning message for their most idiotic followers.

In this dark and foreboding piece, Ruth Marcus manages to understate the current Court’s radically rightward trajectory while voicing justifiable alarm at the damage the Six Reactionaries are posed to do to democracy, civil liberties, equality, and justice

Perhaps this article could have run *before* the infrastructure bill was enacted?

Then again, I testified 3x begging Congress to address the huge waste, delays & overruns. Lawmakers like to write checks. Efficiency & accountability is someone else’s job.

Dear @BennieGThompson

“Inherent” Contempt power: This removes the judiciary as the middle man. Under the U.S. Constitution, and all powers implied thereby, Congress can directly enforce contempt rulings under its own authority.

if Jan 6. does not warrant this step, what does?

One of our kids shared over the holidays that the schools they teach in have cut social studies out of the early elementary curriculum due to lack of funding. We cannot raise Americans if we don’t teach them about democracy, how it’s supposed to work, & why.

Delete your account @GovRonDeSantis. This is a lie. Retweet if you agree. @RemoveRon

You’re seeing a conscience decision by the @January6thCmte not to subpoena Trump, his kids, or Republican members of Congress involved in Jan 6.

By the time they do it, IF they do it, the legal process (delays+appeals) will favor Trump+Republicans and allow them to run out clock

@scott_m_coley If the Levitical provision saying that farmers must leave the corners of their fields untouched so that the poor can get some food were to be introduced as a bill in Congress, every Republican would condemn it for being socialism.

“Democrats want to fix bridges, provide childcare and lower drug costs. Republicans don’t. These are political facts and voters should be aware of them.” It would help if the media weren’t so lazy and would actually tell Americans what is in these bills!

The Capitol Police provided Congressional committees with **14,000 hours** of surveillance camera footage.

That was nine months ago.

One of the most documented crimes in American history and yet no consequences for anyone except the foot soldiers.

VIDEO Hundreds of people from a multitude of Senegal’s culturally diverse ethnic groups parade through the streets of the capital for the second edition of the Grand Carnaval of Dakar

Nothing shows love for the Jews more than the @GOP’s wholesale embrace of neo-nazi white replacement messaging under your tenure, right @GOPChairwoman?

The western monarch butterfly appears to be pulling back from the edge of extinction – with more than 100,000 counted so far in the 25th annual Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count.

In NYC, where adult vax rate in nearly 90%, there were zero COVID deaths yesterday.

Across the US, there were 789.

Can you imagine believing that the entire world is part of a conspiracy to influence the US midterm elections and is willing to shut down flights and their economies for it?

Read this thread by @equalityAlec correcting the outrageous false claims in a recent NY Times article. Shame on @nytimes

NYC doesn’t require vaccination, but makes it very hard to participate in public life without one. Hence the adult vax rate is nearing 90% and COVID mortality rate is very low.

Isn’t it interesting the choices mainstream media makes? They would never give someone who is trying to change the system anywhere near this coverage. But they shower a corporate Republican with tens of millions of dollars of free coverage and promotion.

After their Big Lie was exposed as the anti-democratic, coup-legitimizing, Big Fraud it always was the GOP has been hard at work redefining “the steal” as expanding vote by mail in a pandemic. Let’s be sure to remind old people how the GOP wanted them to die to vote.

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