“While the U.S. was violently annexing the Western United States and vigilante militias murdered and displaced Diné and Apache people, settlers moved into Indigenous lands and dammed and diverted rivers.” #Perspective

Horrible news for sockeye salmon in the Fraser River: According to the Pacific Salmon Commission, the in-season sockeye run has been downgraded to 283,000 fish. That’s a new record low, considerably down from last year’s record low of 493,000.

Currently, almost 7% of overall trips in Bogotá are on bicycles, more than in any other city in Latin America. The city aims to have 50% of total trips made on bikes or other micromobility alternatives.

Taxpayer-funded news outlet Voice of America promotes Mike Pence propaganda in response to Joe Biden’s announcement that Kamala Harris is his running mate.

“Trump did not ‘extend’ federal unemployment benefits—he cut them. Trump did not impose an ‘eviction moratorium’ of any kind. And Trump’s payroll tax deferral is optional for employers … [A] look beyond the headlines … tells a much different story.”

Trump says our “economic recovery is outpacing our peer nations.”

Our unemployment rate is over 10%. Our peer nations avoided that fate.

South Korea 4.3%
Switzerland 3.2%
Denmark 5.5%
UK 3.9%
Germany 6.4%
Japan 2.8%

And 2020 will be the first time since 1968 that a Harvard or Yale graduate will not be on a major-party presidential ticket.

Hat tip to @briceperrin for that great video. So many amazing videos coming out of Paris recently. Huge congratulations to re-elected Paris Mayor @Anne_Hidalgo, plus @C_Najdovski @egregoire @CarlosMorenoFr & so many other creative civic leaders making that great city even better.


The most important thing about this amazing Paris transformation is how fast it happened — how fast people on bikes “appeared” — once streets were transformed. You can’t write this off as “Paris was always this way,” because it wasn’t. It took leadership.





A reminder that Joe Biden has already promised that if elected and given the opportunity, he would nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court.

He’s sending a very clear message to the most loyal supporters and voters of Democrats, black women.

If Trump had responded as fast to a deadly virus attacking America as he did to the news about a black woman becoming the next VP, 160,000 people might’ve been alive today.

GOP House Candidate Defends His Photos From Hitler’s Vacation Retreat

Interior Department Withheld Trump Nominee Docs Ahead Of Confirmation, Watchdog Finds

Why is it okay for Moscow Mitch’s wife Elaine Chao to be gifted $300K in PPP loans or for Kanye West to be gifted millions in PPP loans or Steven Mnuchin to gift himself and Nunes millions in PPP loans when they don’t need it, but not okay for Americans to get an extra $600? 🤫

This is horrific. Belarusians being terrorized by Lukashenko’s kgb thugs. They are grabbing people out of cars and beating them. Police state w a lawless thug

Dear @realDonaldTrump: I speak Chinese. I also served on active duty in the United States military—something you were too afraid to do—to defend your right to say stupid shit.

Does this Republican realize that wearing a flag mask means every time she speaks, she spits on the flag. Just wondering.

It’s amazing how readily Republicans accept the premise that if the Senate went from massively over-weighting white voters to modestly over-weighting white votes, they’d be permanently incapable of winning.

I am going to say what all of you already know, and it’s worth repeating the republicans if they win will take everything we have away from us. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Pre-existing conditions, Unemployment insurance and what ever else to can find, remember that

“State and local governments—like households and private businesses—can’t issue the currency. The federal government is in an elevated position; it’s the issuer of the currency. It can do what the rest of us can’t do.” @StephanieKelton

NYT: A video of a Bible burning in Portland that was amplified by conservatives originated with a Kremlin-backed video news agency. The video now appear to be one of the first viral Russian disinformation hits of the 2020 presidential campaign.

The people of Lebanon need our help after last week’s explosion, and the situation on the ground remains critical. That’s why we’re matching every donation made to Canada’s @HumCoalition between August 4th and 24th. Here’s how you can help:

I’m quite dismayed at the lack of above-the-fold, top-of-the-hour coverage of Belarusian protests in Western press. I know there’s a pandemic on, but that’s part of the story here, and what makes this even more significant and fascinating.

Miami and New York lead the U.S. in mortgage delinquencies

Note: COVID-19 didn’t do this, the government’s catastrophically inadequate response to COVID-19 did this.

Join @UKGBC members to accelerate the rapidly growing global #NetZeroCarbon #Buildings movement by signing up to @WorldGBC commitment to reduce #energy use, disclose energy performance and balance needs with #renewables.

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