We went from “insurrection” and ‘domestic terror attack” to “riots” in a matter of days.

Not it’s “melee.”

It’s January 20. One year ago today, the first case of Covid-19 was detected in the United States.

There have been more than 24 million cases detected since.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump could be an accessory to murder after this month’s deadly riots at the Capitol

The U.S. pandemic death toll is now the size of Arlington National Cemetery, which has about 400,000 graves of former servicemembers and their relations. Just gutting.

Ironically, one of the many things for which @ELLIOTT_BROIDY was investigated (but not charged) was an alleged scheme to offer a bribe in exchange for clemency for a convicted tax criminal, as we revealed last month.

So #MAGA if Trump really loves you, why is he pardoning Steve Bannon, the guy indicted for ripping you all off?

Who’s side is he really on?

Eventually you’re going to have to face up to the fact that you’ve been conned.

And lied to. Repeatedly.

Reminder: Steve Bannon was indicted and arrested last year by federal prosecutors on charges related to the funds he raised to promote the construction of Trump’s border wall.

If you have to pardon BOTH of your campaign managers and two advisors to your own campaign…you ran a criminal enterprise.

That is not counting your personal lawyer who also went to jail.

Our statement:

“Even Nixon didn’t pardon his cronies on the way out. Amazingly, in his final 24 hours in office, Donald Trump found one more way to fail to live up to the ethical standard of Richard Nixon.”

Need to find out how many of these Presidential pardons have been granted in exchange for money or to silence people who could conceivably send Trump to prison.

Brian Williams on @msnbc makes a powerful case for making these lights along the reflecting pool a permanent memorial to the hundreds of thousands of Americans lost to Covid.

Nothing was stopping Barr or McConnell from standing in front of a camera on November 7th, the day the election was called, and congratulating Joe Biden. That’s what would have happened after any other election in any other year. Why didn’t they do it?

I was Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo for over 2 years and there’s far more evidence of Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s guilt than there was of guilt for 95+ percent of the detainees. It’s time we start a domestic war on sedition by American terrorists.



It looks like Fox is going to fight to keep its place as the Voice of the Insurrection.

“If Navalny is ready to die for democracy, surely 17 GOP senators can find the courage to vote for democracy by convicting Donald Trump of incitement, and ensuring he cannot run again for office?” writes worldview columnist @trudyrubin.

A draft of Dallas’ long-awaited mobility plan is here. Did you know walking in Dallas is twice as dangerous as the national average? Or that the city has 4,400 total miles of sidewalk, but only 1,200 are undamaged or unobstructed?

The Biden executive order adds a restriction on so-called golden parachutes—cash bonuses granted to executives as they leave a business to join the government. These windfalls create the perception that an ex-employee may favor her benefactor.

It’s simple: When people have more money to spend, our whole economy is better off. The Biden-Harris administration can put more money in people’s pockets by using their existing legal authority to cancel student loan debt for millions of Americans.

This CANNOT be allowed to happen. Don’t give away a filibuster concession for ANYTHING.

Yet more evidence that Fox ‘News’ is not a news channel. It is a propaganda channel.

If McConnell insists, the Dem response should be to go nuclear on the organizing resolution, which under current rules needs 60 to pass. Dems extended a reasonable deal, McConnell spit on it. So reform the filibuster now, organize the Senate as Dems want, and pass Biden’s agenda.

Maria Bartiromo is getting a prime time gig at Fox after she spouted endless conspiracies that lead to a literal terrorist attack on our country.

Fox News is just as bad as OAN/ Newsmax, & something needs to be done about their cultivation of a conspiratorial American Taliban.

The Republican Party is closer to punishing @Liz_Cheney for opposing a coup than it is to punishing @HawleyMO, @tedcruz or the others for supporting one.

With a Democrat about to become President, republicans are now pretending to care about deficits and debts again. Let’s not pretend to believe them this time.

Ron DeSantis refers to Biden’s plan to create FEMA clinics as “camps.” DeSantis is going to do his best to try and hinder Biden and his new administration. Just wait.

I didn’t think we would return to the “tan suit” stage of political scandal this quickly

#HitTheRoadJack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more

BREAKING: @chucktodd admits Trump has failed at everything, since nothing he promised came true, and Chuck shows us he’s planning to hold our new president to an entirely different and higher standard.

@NBCNews why do you insult your viewers making us listen to Chuck Todd?

Maria Bartiromo will get a tryout as Fox’s new 7 pm host

A news staffer tells me: “It is ludicrous and disheartening that we are rewarding her with a primetime spot, knowing fullwell she is among the most responsible for propagating the big election lie’

“While McConnell’s words have the aura of blunt truth telling, what he just offered is at bottom an effort to distance the GOP from any culpability for the mob attack.”

@ThePlumLineGS nails it

Mitch McConnell starts telling the truth literally on the last day of Trump’s term

Not enough to compensate for decades of selling our government to the Koch network donors who degraded the environment & ransacked America

Get 17 Senators to convict and then we can talk unity

Exhibit number 776 that Feinstein is awful and unsuited to this political moment.

Someone has fired a warning shot over his bow. Mitch covers his ass and counts on media to miss the context, spread the new lie. He was the powerful people he blames.

And McConnell encouraged those lies by refusing to recognize Joe Biden as president for 40 days after election

Meanwhile, he’s been blocking legislation to restore Voting Rights Act for over 400 days

Alabama’s senator-elect, Tuberville, repeats that his father was in the US Army’s World War 2 “liberation of Europe from socialism.” In Alabama nothing has changed this view (or many others like it). Big Trump supporter. Will vote in split Senate.

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