Our model is trained on a dataset of national price averages going back to 1990, and uses 25 different variables, such as price momentum, household incomes and credit growth

Though easy targets for fiscal hawks, public architecture that’s luxurious and dramatic — even excessive — should be ours as a right.

President Joe Biden wants to raise the federal corporate-tax rate and convince other rich-world countries to do the same

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said disparate efforts to vaccinate people globally is a risk to progress for the economic rebound

A hospital janitor paid so little he can’t afford rent worked extra hard in the pandemic and won employee of the month. He was awarded a $6 coupon to the hospital cafeteria.

The hospital CEO got a 13% raise, to $30 million

@WajahatAli Also people who require photo ID’s to do thinks.. may I present the the gop caucuses in every state legislature in the Country and Congress too

If the GOP really cares about going after people who do business with China may I present Elaine Chao, Trump’s former Secretary of Transportation and Mitch McConnell’s wife?

NEW: Governments around the world have now recouped more than $1.36 billion in back taxes and penalties as a direct result of the #PanamaPapers investigation, including $185 million in newly-reported recoveries over the past two years.

According to Ted Cruz, none of the 500 top performing companies are run by Republican aligned CEOs.
Says a lot about the politics of prosperity and the market, right?
When not a single Fortune 500 leader agrees with your politics, you might not represent their best interests.

China views India as a major obstacle in its bid to gain Asian hegemony. @Chellaney examines the method Beijing has begun to employ in its efforts to box India in:

If filibuster is dropped some GOP Senators might decide better a bill supported by 41 Democrats and 10 Republicans than one supported only by Democrats.

If corporations and the superrich continue to avoid paying taxes, the result will be not just increased inequality within societies but also a crisis and breakdown in the very structure of capitalism, warn @JosephEStiglitz, @toddntucker, & @gabriel_zucman.

.@USTreasury chief @SecYellen is on board with @g20 mandated @OECD initiative to end race to bottom on company taxes. A logical goal for most big economies, but nailing a global pact is tough and requires approval of #USCongress @GinaChon


Remember that the “border” extends for 100 miles from the actual border and covers most of the US population.

Big restaurant chains are telling investors that a minimum wage hike wouldn’t be a big deal—even as their corporate lobbyists in D.C. fight a $15 minimum wage.

These big corporations should support their workers and #RaiseTheWage & #FightFor15

Recoveries are diverging dangerously across and within countries, as economies with slower vaccine rollout, more limited policy support, and more reliant on tourism do less well – said @GitaGopinath in her latest #IMFblog. #WEO

Democrats Running Out Of Time To Undo Trump Regulations

“More Americans have died from guns since 1975 (more than 1.5M), than in all the wars in US history—going back to the Revolutionary War.”

1.5 *MILLION* gun deaths.

If we don’t address our gun violence epidemic now—then when? #EndGunViolence #TheTimeIsNow

Useful canvas by @L__Macfarlane and @MazzucatoM of the Varieties of State Investment Banks.

Building an interstate system to move electricity could cost $50 billion — or less than what the Texas freeze and power outages cost users

1/ Five years ago today, hundreds of journalists with @ICIJorg broke the journalistic paradigm by working together and publishing hundreds of stories that became known as the #panamapapers.

You want some #panamapapers content? I got you covered (THREAD)

Not only is redwood aesthetically pleasing, but new @forestservice research shows this durable softwood brings significant environmental benefits to building projects. #CarbonSequestration. #energyefficient production.

A New Layer of Public Space: The Case for Activating Urban Rooftops #readlater #feedly

Janet Yellen calls for global minimum corporate tax rate #news #feedly

More BS corporate and @GOP lies exposed 👇

Restaurants say they’re not worried about a possible hike in the minimum wage, debunking what their own industry lobbyists are saying.


Fact of the matter is that the US Tax Code (and tax codes of most states) overall are much more generous to corporations than pretty much anywhere else in the world.

A high global minimum tax can change the face of globalization—by making its main winners (multinational companies) pay more in taxes, instead of them paying less and less

I’m old enough to remember when this idea was deemed utopian, so could not be happier to see this!

GOP Has Lost Credibility On Federal Debt Gripes, Chris Wallace Tells Sen. Roy Blunt


#AmericanJobsPlan includes $100B for broadband network expansion with the goal of 100 percent coverage. How can planners get involved in local broadband processes and help shape requirements for access? APA spoke with @pewtrusts’s Anna Read to find out.

For some, the place to look for peace, to find a purpose, and to seek a connection to something that goes beyond our understanding, is right out the back door.

A calculator developed by Watershed Technology Inc. shows how transitioning to a fully remote or hybrid workspace could reduce a company’s overall carbon emissions — but at the expense of increasing their employees’ own carbon footprints

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