22 of 24 laws passed this year to restrict voting access introduced solely by Republicans & passed over objections of Democratic minority

When Mitch McConnell called For the People Act “a partisan power grab” he was describing exactly what Republicans doing in states

Senate Dems represent 43 MILLION more people than Senate GOP but 41 Republicans representing just 21% of country can block For the People Act supported by 68% of Americans

This anti-democratic system is exactly what HR1 intended to reform

“Republican efforts to undermine democracy have not changed public opinion, but have merely solidified their base’s delusion.”

Good point from @JRubinBlogger: Polls show GOP attacks on democracy are only hardening opinion in the base. Via @PostOpinions:

Schumer on the Senate floor: “Are we going to let the most dishonest president in history continue to poison our democracy from the inside? Or will we stand up to defend what generations of Americans have organized, fought, marched and died for: The sacred, sacred right to vote?”

This is really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really bad

Mitch McConnell Warns That Voting Bill Would Bring U.S. to Brink of Democracy #letters #feedly

Hong Kong’s eroding press freedom.

#AFPGraphics charting Hong Kong’s ranking on the Reporters Without Borders world press freedom index, including comparisons with mainland China and Taiwan

Weekly reminder that other cities around the world are becoming increasingly proactive in placemaking & turning their cities back over to the people. If Paris can manage removing 140k parking spots, I think @cityofmilwaukee can manage 120 on Broadway. Close it down @milwaukeedpw

Britain is being asset stripped as a result of Brexit – pensions, jobs, investment and the attractiveness of our stock market pawned to the international barons of private equity. Private equity ‘raid’ on UK companies sparks furious row in City via @FT

Amsterdam wasn’t always Amsterdam. Amsterdam was unsatisfied with being Amsterdam, knew it could be better than Amsterdam, and chose to transform itself into Amsterdam.

And it’s STILL choosing to be a better Amsterdam.

Your city can choose too.

HT @SustainableAMS @schlijper


Democrats continue to bring a stuffed animal to a knife fight

The Oregon GOP would not honor a “pledge” @TinaKotek.

Also, you never negotiate with terrorists.

1. It has been 6 months since the January attack on Capitol.

Many companies are keeping their promises to cut off donations to GOP objectors.

Others are trying to quietly funnel money to the members pf Congress who voted to overturn the election.

For @truthout I covered the latest round of anti-protest laws in Tennessee, Montana and Oklahoma. Bills in Iowa, Texas, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio progressed within the last 2 months. Some deputize vigilantes, others make blocking a roadway a felony

So good to see this! We’re finally awakening to the realization that urban centers work best when they’re designed with pedestrians & cyclists as priorities.

“The modern polarized system has created, in effect, a new Constitution w/overwhelming advantages for Rs. New laws require 60 votes, but existing programs can be defunded with 51. Judges, who can be appointed w/a mere 51 votes, can strike down laws that required 60 to pass”

.@PulitzerPrizes honored #FinCENFiles for revealing the “role of some of the world’s biggest banks in facilitating international money laundering and the trafficking of goods and people, corruption that continues to frustrate regulators across the world.”

💼 The primary conflict — and the primary opportunity — is where work will take place.

64% of workers would pick permanent work from home over a $30,000 raise, according to a survey of employees at 45 of the largest companies in the U.S.

Not only has the Greek 5-year yield gone negative, but the 10-year spread over German Bunds is at an all-time low!

The county of Oxfordshire is trying to achieve #OnePlanetLiving🌍. So how well is it doing?

Last week we launched a groundbreaking review of Oxfordshire’s progress towards tackling the climate and ecological emergency.

Latest BoE inflation attitudes survey is v.interesting in the context of excitement around inflation at the moment: data for May shows medium-term expectations (1-2 years) at all time lows; and longer term (5 years) close to all time lows. Worryingly weak, if anything.

The inflation party was already losing its fizz before the Federal Reserve hawks turned up to put their own dampener on proceedings. h/t @BofA_News @asr_london via @bopinion


Report: Families with children in #Pennsylvania and beyond were hit hard during the pandemic, and returning to pre-COVID levels of support could harm millions of kids.

The pandemic stimulus was front-loaded, creating a strongly positive fiscal impulse in the first quarter and a negative fiscal impulse in the quarters ahead.

The question now: How smooth will the hand-off to an economy driven by private spending be?

With money finally flowing into mass transit, cities face a challenge: how to address climate change while protecting the most vulnerable

And yet a bust of a slave trader, Confederate general, and Klan leader still sits inside the state capitol building. Tell me more about those values.

Hey, @nyuniversity – get rid of this anti-reality, anti-democracy, and clearly anti-education, blight on society @MariaBartiromo NOW

So let me get this straight: Republicans have introduced 389 voter suppression bills in 48 states on an entirely partisan basis, but the For the People Act is being stripped down in the name of “bipartisanship”?

Perhaps @BBCNews @BBCBreakfast can explain why Boris Johnson’s rampant lying in Parliament is news in France but not in the UK?

Beware. Republicans want to pay for infrastructure with higher gas taxes, tolls, and other user fees — which take a bigger bite out of the incomes of middle and lower-income Americans — rather than higher taxes on the rich.

A local Rhode Island outlet finds Senator Whitehouse doesn’t have a good answer on his membership in an all-white beach club.

@scottsantens Upstate NY county site of experimental Universal Basic Income program

QAnon supporters have acted with dismay and confusion after Trump announced the dates of his upcoming fees-raising speaking tour with Bill O’Reilly, which coincides with when he is meant to have already been reinstated as president

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