U.S. default this fall would cost 6 million jobs, wipe out $15 trillion in wealth

The United States could plunge into an immediate recession if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling and the country defaults on its payment obligations this fall.

There are many in the Halls of Congress who have stated – with their words & with their votes – this is the way America’s healthcare system should function.

I don’t agree. And neither do most Americans.

Pass Medicare For All and end this cruel madness.

Extremists see ending marriage equality within grasp, by @MSignorile

Perhaps We The People should set up a tip line & ask the 4,500 individuals who provided the #4500Tips to the FBI to provide them again so WTP can assess Kavanaugh’s suitability to serve on the Supreme Court & decide whether women will retain their constitutional rights.

@froomkin this is just insane reporting from NYT:

“But the decision by Democratic leaders to attach it to legislation lifting the federal debt limit…could ultimately jeopardize a typically routine effort to stave off a government shutdown, heightening the threat of fiscal calamity.”

Political journalists are both-siding a “crisis” caused entirely by the GOP via @froomkin

Backed by the ranching industry, Idaho and Montana enacted laws earlier this year making it easier to hunt and trap wolves. But that strategy now looks like it might backfire.

Rs wont even help avoid a default. Powerful evidence that filibuster doesn’t work in Senate with one party operating in bad faith, willing to destroy the country

That Pence even considered this – tossing out electors from 7 states so the House could anoint Trump – speaks to an extraordinary level of constitutional unsuitability. This is a man who should never be permitted to play a role in our government, ever again. He & Trump both.

Just wait until they do this to promote favorable coverage of politicians who offer them favorable tax policy.

Right now, the only thing standing between Republican voter suppression efforts and our democracy are the courts. Congress can enact laws to help, but we need to be clear-eyed that the fight for democracy will be waged over the next 12 months in courtrooms around the country.

I’ve seen several reports over the weeks stipulate that McConnell has made no debt-limit demands. This is false. His demand, all but spelled out, is that Dems abandon the Build Back Better act.

We spend a lot of time focusing on criminals.
Here’s a really good guy to help renew some faith in humanity for today.
Meet Harris Rosen…

.@chrislhayes to Secretary of State Raffensperger on restrictive voting laws:

“What was the problem that law was trying to solve? You just told me about a great election. We know it was accurate. It got counted three times—Why would you look at that and say that’s a problem?”

RegeneRon DeSantis’s new Surgeon General opposes mask and vaccine mandates

He also complained that “too much emphasis had been placed on vaccines”

Welcome to the killing fields of Florida

#BreakingNews Jamie Raskin on the January 6th committee says they are learning facts daily on how the insurrection was organized, planned, and financed daily. With new evidence coming in.

Rep. Bennie Thompson says subpoenas will be issued within a week.

Only Democrats voted to raise the debt limit and save our economy. Not a single Republican in the House voted to keep the federal government from defaulting on its debts. Never let them live this down.

Breaking: House Democrats just passed the Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act to provide funding through Dec. 3 to avert a government shutdown and to increase the debt limit.

It was party line vote. 220-211. No Republican votes.

We provide over $20 billion in tax giveaways to Big Oil and Gas every year.

Polluters should not be rewarded for poisoning our communities.

Insurance premiums have soared in high-risk fire zones. Cancellations are on the rise. And some insurers have pulled out entirely, leaving lower-income homeowners to choose between basics like food and prescriptions and pricey coverage.

A bill to lower prescription drug prices failed after opposition from three Dems.

The three Dems:
*Got $1.6 million from drug companies
*One is the House’s largest recipient of drug company donations
*One’s ex-chief of staff is a drug company lobbyist

A former senior aide to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul was indicted this month for allegedly funneling $25,000 from an unnamed Russian to Trump’s reelection efforts.

New — Economists find prolonged debt ceiling breach would:

— Cost up to ~6 million jobs
— Wipe out ~$15 trillion in household wealth
— Drive unemployment rate to ~9%
— Increase borrowing costs

GOP refusing to help Ds/WH as clock ticks …

Members of Congress owning stock raises serious conflict of interest questions. For example, Sen. Manchin’s millions in fossil fuel stocks means we have to question whether his shaping of climate legislation will be influenced by his financial interests.

This is sedition. This memo also includes criminally false factual statements made to a federal official in performance of his official duties. 18 U.S.C. 1001. Both this lawyer and his client belong in the slammer.
Is anyone awake at DOJ?

If you’re vaccinated but also spreading anti-vax disinformation, you’re a hypocrite.

If you’re making money off that disinformation, you’re a monster and a menace.

I’m not making names, but one rhymes with Sucker.

I appreciate that Sheldon Whitehouse isn’t letting go of the various unanswered questions swirling around Kavanaugh and I’d like to see him get some back up from the rest of the party on it.

Why isn’t there a massive class action lawsuit against Fox News and Tucker Carlson for COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths of family members?

I’m sick to my stomach that Republicans are explicitly promising to take the country into an economic abyss and many reporters are like “How wily! How will Democrats navigate this?”

Y’all realize that Trump’s impeachment lawyers were just as brazenly lying about the law as Trump’s election lawyers, right?

“America’s 250 million cars have an estimated 2 billion parking spots and spend 95% of their time parked. U.S. cities dedicate more land to parking than any other single use, including housing and commercial space.” 🚘 @DonaldShoup

“If this was the first instance of Wray’s failure to protect vulnerable people, one might be inclined to give him a pass. But there is a pattern here of Wray refusing to pursue the powerful on behalf of women and people of color.”—@ElieNYC

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