Remember this? Trump’s Proud Boys:
“Among those waiting outside were Stone supporters like alt-right and political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes and Michael Caputo — who worked on President Trump’s 2016 campaign” @CBSNews

“It has become increasingly obvious that the gains from growth in the UK are privatised, but the losses are socialised.

Workers are being forced to pay the cost of COVID-19 while the rich are receiving government largesse.”

Me for @tribunemagazine

Proud Boys regularly are invited on FOX News.

Tartu turns a major street into a car-free haven for a month #habitat #feedly

President Jimmy Carter turns 96 today. He left office in 1981. All he’s done since then is be the greatest human he could be.

You want to build statues of great Americans?
Start here.

Denouncing a white supremacist group doesn’t mean you are against white supremacy. For years the GOP embraced white supremacy in policy. That’s why they embraced Trump.

Just denouncing white supremacy is not enough. Repent of the policies & embrace justice.

Happy 96th Birthday to President Jimmy Carter, a wonderful human being who continues to help others who are less fortunate with Habitat for Humanity. GOD BLESS YOU. 🙏

Three former Homeland Security officials, two of whom worked for Republican administrations, said it was unusual for law enforcement officials to be instructed to weigh in on a case involving a particular group or individual before investigations had concluded: @NBCNews

Reminds me of Iran’s Guardian Council which has 12 members.

The Guardian Council approves candidates for president and majlis (Congress).

Great idea, let’s become like Iran…that’s going to turn out well I’m sure.

Ted Cruz just voted to block Tillis’s amendment aimed at restoring some of the ACA’s protections on pre-existing conditions if the ACA is overturned by SCOTUS as a Trump-backed suit aims to do after the election.

Happening in Wisconsin’s state capital, which is overwhelmingly Dem. 11,000 voters dropped off their mail ballots there with city officials on Saturday, who ensured that each had a witness signature as required by law. GOP is threatening to invalidate them

Although private equity firm Blackstone raked in billions in profits last year, new documents show their tax rate actually went below zero. This may help explain why CEO Stephen Schwarzman has spent nearly $25 million to help Trump and GOP senators win.

Who does President* Trump owe $421,000,000 to?

Don’t the American people deserve to know?

#TrumpTaxReturns #BrokeAssPresident

@JoeBiden Republicans acquitted Trump – knowing he was guilty, knowing he’s unfit and knowing a virus was on its way to our shores. Hold them accountable.

In Senate questionnaire, Barrett won’t pledge to recuse herself from 2020 election cases

Now we know what she’ll do for the job. She’s not just a Judge.

A warning to every @GOP member: When trump loses, and he will, he’s not just going to throw you under the bus he’s going to threaten you, blackmail you, make up lies about you, create controversies about you, attempt to blame YOU for his failures. He WILL bring you down with him

Telling his butter militia to “stand back and stand by” is telling them to stand at attention.

Trump wants a race war.
I decided to find about McEnany’s parents. I wondered how they could have raised such a deplorable person. Well, that’s because they are deplorable themselves. The people that received these loans were for businesses with under 10 employees.

Hmm what could possibly explain Mitch McConnell’s fast tracking certain nominations, while allowing others to drag on and on?

Like the IG who would investigate his wife, for example.

The ownership of hundreds of thousands of companies registered in one of the world’s most secretive financial jurisdictions is to be made public for the first time. #FinCENFiles

Paul Stephenson: the hero who refused to leave a pub – and helped desegregate Britain

i witnessed cops attacking an ENTIRE BLOCK OF INNOCENT LOCAL RESIDENT BYSTANDERS this night. i saw kids from the projects scrambling to find the property (bikes and other things) that the NYPD looted from them.

Congrats NYPD, you made it to Human Rights Watch.

11 Democratic governors have issued a statement voicing concern about the integrity of the election, declaring they “will not allow anyone to willfully corrupt the democratic process by delegitimizing the outcome or appointing fraudulent electors against the will of the voters.”

Mad respect for this PA resident.
Many of us didn’t get our 1st choice.
But, in terms of our country, our 1st choice is to save it.
I think we can all agree that securing the future of our democracy is a principled vote, regardless of who we wanted.

well the debate showed off the president as a unhinged, petulant man child, raised joe biden $31.5 million online in just over 24 hours, registered 24,000 people to vote, and brought in 100,000 new campaign volunteers, and 60,000 new donors.

so I think joe biden won!

Between Trump’s self-immolation and worsening chances of winning, we’re going to see more Rs deciding its time to put some daylight between themselves and Mango Magoo.

Biden Transition Team is banning its members from trading stocks during the presidential transition. I remember when Senators Burr and Loeffler did stock trades while Americans were in the dark about the impending pandemic. So this is a good development!

As a Presidential historian, it is my opinion that Ford set a terrible precedent when he pardoned Nixon w/out charges being filed. Thankfully nobody will EVER pardon Trump and he’s too delusional and narcissistic to accept one. I believe he will be prosecuted and serve time.

@JamesonCapital @missdiamond59 @RedHourBen @RealRonHoward Vintage newspapers declaring Irish, Italians, Greeks were scum and not desired. Now the racist have moved onto other countries. Same hate, just different targets. We have to do better in 2020


Not sure who needs to hear this, but campaign finance violations and straw donor schemes are not great qualifications for a postmaster general

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