Brave Commander, a ship carrying the first cargo of humanitarian food for Africa since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has left the Ukrainian port of Pivdennyi.

It’s shameful how we remove some kids from homes & put them into the foster care system b/c their parents can’t afford to provide for them, but then pay strangers to provide for those kids instead of supporting the parents. Punishing those struggling with poverty makes no sense.

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As an Air Force Officer, I received an email with a confidential word in it. In less than 10 minutes, my office was raided, computer taken & I was escorted to a windowless room with one light bulb. I hadn’t even read the email.

Trump shouldn’t be allowed to wiggle out of this.

@Bettyannrarhb Socialism works in America: FEMA, Customs & Border Patrol, public schools, military, roads, libraries, parks, sewer system, fire dept, police, SSDI, Medicare. Most people love socialism & even more so when it’s not called socialism.

Plan intentionally using cluster housing. Learn about the potential health benefits of situating residences near transportation and preserving green space for the #ActivePeople in your community. Read more on our @CDCgov blog Everyday Destinations

Not mentioned here: the mayor of Copenhagen had to hire bodyguards because taking cars away came with threats to his life. Doing the right thing is hard, but it pays off.

History doesn’t support the notion that a 15% minimum corporate tax would necessarily lead to higher prices or lower wages via @opinion

Kazakh government is definitely going to take a note of this. Russia & Belarus are to hold join military drills at Ashuluk range in Astrakhan region on 22-25 August. Location of exercises is near Russia’s border with Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is not invited.

The FBI didn’t search Donald Trump’s home bc he “mishandled” classified material. They did it bc he STOLE highly classified material and after many attempts to get him to return them, he refused. This was a matter of national security. #MorningJoe

Why is the Pardon Caucus still getting donations from companies like Boeing, UPS, Toyota and General Motors? Is seeking a pardon for your involvement really not enough to make it clear that you’re an enemy of democracy? Or do these companies just not care?

President Biden’s robust success in Congress doesn’t make him a modern-day FDR

he hasn’t won voting-rights legislation or his major social spending proposals

partisan math – narrow House majority, 50-50 Senate – has posed the fundamental constraint

Economists are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the UK, with the risk of a recession growing and interest rates expected to go higher than previously thought

But the security and development challenges of the entire Sahel region remain. This is the soft underbelly of Europe.

In #Russia, a robodog with an anti-tank grenade launcher attached on top was shown at the Russian Army-2022 armaments exhibition. Despite the fabric wrapping, it was easily recognised as a made in China commercial product available on Aliexpress.

The urgency can’t be overstated.

The rising sea level — a foot in the harbor already, potentially three to six feet by midcentury — means every tropical storm and nor’easter could have that much more impact in New York City’s coastline

Denmark is moving ahead with plans to eradicate ‘ghettos’ by evicting ‘non-Westerners’, in what rights groups say is a racist policy and singles out immigrant communities ⤵️

According to the United Nations, 95% of Afghans are going hungry, in a food crisis exacerbated by the Biden administration’s decision to freeze the Afghan central bank’s assets.

“Whether there will be comprehensive anti-kleptocracy reforms in the US, London, Canada and Switzerland remains an open question”

@CooleyOnEurasia examines the challenges of reigning in kleptocratic networks.

“The #ColoradoRiver is about 20% smaller than it was just 20 years ago.” Nice job @SinjinCD. via @NBCNews

See pedestrianisation of Strøget St Copenhagen. The opposition argued “no cars means no business”, but it has been a massive retail success. No reason why making the Golden Mile in Wgtn more pedestrian friendly won’t have the same benefits for retail @annafifield @getwellymoving

Ditto for Newcastle’s Northumberland Street. Nobody but nobody argues that cars such be allowed back on the former A1 Great North Road through the centre of town. The street has one of the highest per sq metre retail takings outside of London’s West End.

Tackling heatwaves in cities will mean reimagining buildings and ‘marrying’ vegetation and concrete.

How nature is climbing back on urban infrastructures to counter climate change 👉

#GlobalWarming #ClimateEmergency

Enormous disruption is predicted for the the California Current marine ecosystem, considered one of the most rich and abundant ocean regions in the world.

Tibetan Plateau a climate change “hotspot”

The Tibetan Plateau will experience significant water loss this century due to global warming, new research shows

“Putin’s regime, Kara-Murza said, is not just corrupt and kleptocratic, not just authoritarian — it is “a regime of murderers.” He was arrested a few hours later,”—Leon Aron (@AronRTTT) about @vkaramurza for @thehill.

Nazi http://Gov.De(ath)Santis want only Republicans to be legislators! He wants to transform the state then the country to being a one party & will govern it the Fascist way! People won’t have any rights! WAKE UP AMERICA! #DemVoice1 #LiveBlue2022

Allen Weisselberg—the Trump Org CFO—just got 5 mo prison for defrauding the American people hundreds of millions of dollars

Crystal Mason—a Black woman who filed a provisional ballet on advice of a poll worker—got 5 years prison even though her vote didn’t count

This is America

BREAKING: apparently @ManhattanDA is going to let Weisselberg off with a five-month prison plea deal with no cooperation required. WTF is wrong with Alvin Bragg?

Socialism is a scare word they’ve hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called public power, social security, deposit insurance, and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for anything that helps all people.

–Harry Truman, 1952

Trump attys accessed voting machines in Ga, Michigan, NV where “counties are not equipped to protect their software from attacks from people bent on disrupting the democratic process.” It threatens our democracy.

.@PalantirTech works with @ICEgov, using their tech to help ICE round people up, throw them in horrific detention center, and deport them — tearing families apart. This is what @danielsgoldman is supporting & profiting from by investing in Palantir.
#NoTech4ICE #NoTechForICE

All the trains in the Netherlands now run entirely on renewable energy.

We have the solutions. #ActOnClimate

#ClimateEmergency #climate #energy #renewables #renewableenergy #GreenNewDeal

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