It’s happened again. Stuck on an empty plane at Heathrow airport long after everyone else is off – ‘no staff to get my wheelchair off the plane’. I am SO disappointed with @HeathrowAirport as disabled passengers are once again apparently the lowest priority.

Kharkiv these days. Volunteers and city workers plant pansies in front of the administration building destroyed by Russian Kalibrs. Ukrainian tanks pass by.

Egypt agreed to import Indian wheat to ease food price inflation stemming from the Ukraine war

India’s suspension of wheat exports, which caused an immediate 6% price hike, has made things worse for Egypt

“Fifteen boxes of classified documents sitting in the residential wing of the White House doesn’t sound like a mistake to me,” wrote Figliuzzi, a former FBI special agent. “That sounds deliberate and less like an error that could be attributed to staff.”

Whilst I appreciate what Liz Cheney has done on the Jan 6 Committee and making her stand against white supremacy, I can’t ever forget that she voted with Agolf Twitler 93% of the time and she voted against voting rights. She helped create what she’s now denouncing.

It’s a testament to how hard it is for The Beltway to adjust to our new world order that they think marching at a coup rally with white nationalists is a liability in a Republican primary.

Senator Cynthia Lummis was booed by students for her anti-LGBTQ rhetoric during a commencement speech at the University of Wyoming.

Gen Z won’t back down!

Are we just supposed to move on from the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at a neo-Nazi rally where crowds of literal Nazis were chanting “Pu-tin! Pu-Tin!” — while cheering for Marjorie Greene? And as for the media…are you really going to cover gas prices instead of this?

The “Great Replacement Theory” is nothing new. If your ancestry is Irish, Italian, Polish, or German (just to name a few), then they used to say it about your great-great-grandparents too.

Nearly three-quarters of the exonerated who falsely confess have been found to be mentally ill or intellectually disabled

White women, a privilege you’ve probably never thought of:
White boys and men commit most mass shootings. Notice how there’s nobody asking you how you raise your kids. There’s no nonprofit reports blaming you for societal problems.
Black moms don’t get that luxury.

Anyone else under the impression that churches are not allowed to be political and maintain tax free status?

NEW: Senator Cynthia Lummis (R–WY) was booed and told to get off stage by students for spouting anti-LGBTQ rhetoric during a commencement speech at the University of Wyoming. It’s the same university Matthew Shepard attended when he was beaten, tortured, and left to die in 1998.

Look, a multi-billionaire who makes record profits by jacking up prices, avoiding $5 billion in taxes & lobbies for a $10 billion taxpayer bailout to fuel his space hobby blaming inflation on the dude at Wendy’s who got a $1,400 direct payment from the government 14 months ago.

A food pantry operator. A substitute teacher. A breast cancer survivor. A deacon. A man picking up a birthday cake for his 3-year-old grandson.

CEO Pay in 2021
Peter Kern, Expedia:⬆️6,952% to $296 million
Tim Cook, Apple:⬆️569% to $99 million
Dave Zaslav, Warner:⬆️554% to $247 million
Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan:⬆️176% to $84 million

But yeah, keep telling us inflation is caused by the dude at Arby’s who got a 50 cent raise.

Meet the Republican senator who more than doubled his congressional salary thanks to a loophole in federal law

One of the dark ironies of @EliseStefanik pushing the white supremacist Great Replacement Theory is that, a century ago, the exact same arguments were used against Polish immigrants, like her own ancestors.

CEO pay is up at firms that dodge their fair share of taxes.

JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon made $84M in 2021 as the bank paid less than 6% federal income tax. AT&T’s chief got $25M; the firm got a refund.

More corporate money should go to taxes, less to CEOs. via @theofrancis

According to the United Nations, Africa is the continent most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This is despite the fact it contributes only 4% of global carbon emissions.

Loan your campaign lots of money, get elected, then fundraise so people can buy favors by donating money that goes right into your personal bank account.
That’s bribery of a federal official, not free speech.
This Court needs more justices.

🚦Researchers develop #video-based #AI #trafficlight which is much more responsive.

The AI reads live camera footage and adapts traffic lights to compensate, keeping #traffic flowing and reducing #congestion

#SmartMobility #smartcities
via @Cities_Today

Final opinion is FEC v. Ted Cruz, in which (surprise!), the Supreme Court strikes down another campaign finance regulation (a federal law prohibiting campaigns from using more than $250,000 of post-election day funds to repay a candidate’s personal loans)

Former Trump admin official Sebastian Gorka, who bills himself as a national security expert, got his Twitter account hacked by scammers over the weekend.

NEW: @NBCNews has verified these images of Barnette marching toward the Capitol on Jan 6 alongside member of the Proud Boys who were later arrested and indicted for breaking into the building and attacking officers. 1/4


The Environmental Protection Agency estimates 6.1 million people in the US live within three miles of a refinery, with low-income people and people of color represented at rates nearly twice that of the general population.

You might have forgotten that former Fox host Bill O’Reilly targeted Tiller the “baby killer” 29 different times on Fox before Dr. Tiller was assassinated by a right-wing extremist.

So there isn’t any campaign finance reform in America. Politicians can loan themselves money to run, and get it back from donors, with interest. Look who is a big beneficiary.

Daddy said growing up in the coal mines, one year for Xmas he got a toothbrush, the next year he got a bike, times were so unpredictable! I heard that story for years, finally relayed it to my grandma. She said, “Tell your dad he got his bike the year we got the goddamn union.”

@vexedinthecity @chucktodd Imagine him saying such sympathetic words about any of the Black teen boys who have lost their lives in a shooting, let alone one who was actually the shooter. It’s so ingrained he can’t help himself.

UK Citizen survey shows flying insects numbers have dropped 60% in 20 years. This confirms study in Germany. Habitat loss, pollution, pesticides/herbicides, climate change. Bird loss linked
#climate #insects

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