@TimAlberta NYT could have informed its readers of the GOP’s intentions through the old-fashioned method of reporting on them. I agree, it’s a big story that the GOP is openly embracing racist authoritarianism! But no racist authoritarian is owed column inches to make his case.

A Republican senator, asked about General Mattis’s comments, says “That’s his opinion”

I’d like to ask Republican senators this:

If you began suffering heart pains, would you consult

1. Your mother-in-law, or
2. A cardiologist

Moral: Some opinions are more helpful than others

Breaking news: A Nashville judge has blocked the state of TN from requiring an excuse for those under 60 to vote by mail. Any TN voter may request an absentee ballot for the Aug and Nov elections. Story posting shortly.

If you think that the military can’t be used against American citizens on order of the president, you weren’t evicted from your home at bayonet point, then packed on trains off to a barbed wire enclosed internment camp.

And it can happen again if we don’t remain vigilant.

“We didn’t join the military to kill our fellow citizens.”

As protests spread, tensions escalated over Trump’s use of military in response

in one fell swoop, this appears to violate all 1st Amendmt protections
*prohibits free exercise of religion;
*abridges freedom of speech or press (bishop had criticized photo-op in media);
*prevents people from peaceably assembling, or petitioning govt for redress of grievances

White shirt office tells me “we gave you a chance to leave.” I inform him curfew doesn’t apply to me, he charges me and says “you got a problem? I’ll take your fucking press pass.”

Good catch on detail here: the place James O’Keefe put forward as antifa hq has been closed for two years. It’s also the bookstore from the show Portlandia

Boulder Creek, CA
Population: 4,923

Almost 150 (by my count) of protesters here, standing with the large cities and #BlackLivesMatter movement across the nation. Currently occupying the entire Main Street (Hwy 9) running through town and drowning out the local sheriff’s office.


Nationally, more than 85% of U.S. commuters drive to work, a percentage that is remarkably persistent over time. Even in large cities, most households have to drive relatively long distances to reach shopping, restaurants, and other amenities.

This delivery guy thought he’s an essential worker, police seemed to disagree. The rules issued before the curfew very unclear but according to the state, restaurants, bar & food industry workers are classified as essential. #nycurfew #NYCPolice

Tonight the NYPD hit a protester walking his bike and journalist @macfathom (also with a bike) with batons, knocking him over twice, completely unprovoked. The hoarse voice screaming “he’s press” is me

Imagine being the only black woman in the entire United States Senate and having to get up there — this week, literally while George Floyd’s funeral is happening — to defend an ANTI-LYNCHING bill because your colleague objects to it.

Gov. Beshear must have remembered that Kentucky was in the Union and Jefferson Davis was a traitor who grew up in Mississippi.

@oh_HOLMES I think everything that is currently Atlanta and DeKalb was the 1821 land lottery. The purple area was I think Cherokee land, the Chattahoochee is the boundary. Most of the other were Creek IIRC

As cities like London & San Francisco map out post-pandemic transit plans that put a newfound emphasis on commuting by bus, the @MTA is pushing @NYCMayor to add 60 miles of bus-only lanes. 🚎

Many people are saying one million Americans expected in Washington, DC on Saturday to protest outside the White House. Retweet if you are excited! Very nice weather!

New from @NickMiroff People are sawing through and climbing over Trump’s border wall. Now contractors are being asked for ideas to make it less vulnerable.

Rand Paul tried to lecture Black lawmakers on the definition of lynching. Kamala Harris delivered her response. I was going to take a snippet from the 7 minutes to highlight but I couldn’t. The entire speech is powerful and one that’ll go down in history.

Sure, a cross channel invasion to fight the Nazis was tough but it’s hard to compare to the brave and courageous effort by the President, AG and president’s daughter to walk 50 years across the park after armed troops fought off unarmed civilians.

police in new york appear to be beating up on unarmed people for no reason. is that a crime? someone help me out here

In the same way the Catholic Church moved abusive priests from one parish to another, police departments move corrupt, abusive, criminal cops from one precinct to another

DC Attorney General Karl Racine said he contacted the dozen-plus states that had been asked to send national guard forces to the District, and that none of them could recall that the Trump administration cited any legal basis for the request.

consider the bar for police is often “dont do near fatal or nearly fatal stuff in the presence of a camera” and it is still regularly failed

Update and more war footage from the Battle of St. John’s Episcopal Church. U.S. forces use shock and awe to clear the perimeter for triumphant entry of the Commander in Chief who then thanks the Almighty for his hard won victory. via @usatoday

“This idea that the attorney general of the United States has suddenly become an interior minister in a thugocracy with a private militia of some type that reports to him is antithetical to every precept of American democracy…”
-Steve Schmidt

That’s a National Lawyers Guild legal observer getting arrested in NYC. Everybody in town knows what that green hat means

New cosponsors on the Ending Qualified Immunity Act! @Ilhan @RepDianaDeGette @RepChuyGarcia @repblumenauer @RepMcGovern @chelliepingree @RepAOC @RepEspaillat @RepGregoryMeeks @NydiaVelazquez @EleanorNorton @RepBarbaraLee @RepMarkTakano @RepAndreCarson @RepMaloney @RepJoeKennedy

I’m about to go on @11thHour with @BWilliams to talk about how Trump has gutted DOJ’s enforcement of the laws against police brutality

The data is shameful and I’m going to present it. Here are 2 articles people should look at to understand how much Trump&his DOJ are responsible

The fat bike cop taking a swing at a girl’s head with a collapsible baton, ayfkm? You could easily kill someone like that. He’s subsequently disarmed by her (1/3 his size). What’s obvious is the violence, and the viciousness. This isn’t law enforcement.

How did The Good Samaritan know that the traveller hadn’t just tripped and injured himself?

And why would he have to stop and check on him anyway? He wasn’t a trained EMT.

The threat to biodiversity caused by urban growth is real.

Yet nature does not always surrender in the face of advancing concrete.

On #WorldEnvironmentDay, check out how wildlife thrives in the concrete jungle!

🦜Read more in @UNESCOCourier: #ForNature

Remarkable: Two former Chairmen of Joint Chiefs of Staff speak out against Trump’s use of military.

Dempsey says “our fellow citizens are not the enemy.”

Mullen calls out political “stunts” and says he was “sickened” by protestors being cleared out.

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