Trump to Governors: if you guys don’t get tough I won’t let you hide in my bunker with me. #BunkerBoy #BunderBaby #PresidentTwimp

is this a joke?!

it’s *Trump* who spent weekend in basement. it was *Biden* who was out talking w/ protesters.

Do you take responsibility for Chairing the Republican Party while it fostered rightwing policies, voter suppression, the Southern Strategy and paving the way for Trump?

The police practice group within the special litigation section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is down to half its prior (small) size:

First on CNN… here is The Lincoln Project’s scathing new TV ad, “Flag of Treason.” $500k ad buy for spot which will run in Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and DC, group says. Hits Trump’s record on race and inability to unite the nation.

They can’t give you money to survive a pandemic, they can’t find schools, they can’t fix water pipes but they can buy every single police department millions in mace, tear gas, and military vehicles to brutalize u with.

Joe Biden out in PPE comforting protestors, while other Democrats have been peppered-sprayed during these rallies.

Donald Trump hid in a bunker from protestors, as Republicans remain radio silent.

Make the GOP hurt in November.

People are hurting.

This lady — visibly upset — went in for the hug on this Louisville, Kentucky police officer.

He accepted.

It lasted nearly a minute.🌎❤️

Please notice all the colors of the fists… This is a Huge moment. ThePeopleHaveHad Enough..

“rubber bullets” are not made of rubber. They are jacketed in it but they have a metal core and they can kill you stone dead. Often they are steel-cored 12 guage shotgun slugs, people have lost whole limbs to them.

Trump’s warning that “vicious dogs” would attack protesters conjured centuries of racial terror.

The racist practice of attacking black people with dogs extends back to slavery.

To warmongers like Tom Cotton, every problem has a military solution, every opponent is an enemy combatant.

This is how he has treated the rest of the world. Now he’s doing the same to the American people.

This is why he is a threat to American security and to the world.

Here is one Police reform that should happen immediately. Policemen and women should start dressing like Police again. No more BDU’s, bloused combat boots or other military accoutrements. Shoes, trousers, collared shirts. Think Mayberry not Fallujah.

‘The norms have broken down’: Shock as journalists are arrested, injured by police while trying to cover the story

The richest 400 Americans sit on $3 trillion—the size of the entire UK economy.

The billionaire class now pays a lower tax rate than people living paycheck to paycheck.

The looting of America has been going on for over 40 years—and the culprits are the ultra-rich.

-District Attorneys
-Attorney Generals
-Police Commissioners

Are all elected positions or appointed by elected officials.


video of police hurting me in DC. I was supporting a CNN cam had my creds on police knew I was media. I was on the side out of the way trying to let cops pass me. police pinned me, an officer hits my knee with a baton while another officer had me pinned. I’m hurt but ok. @mkraju

This is the visual that will define the entire failed Trumpian experiment.

When his country needed a leader, Donald Trump turned off the lights and hid under the bed.

A pandemic with no end in sight, 40 million Americans out of work, a breakdown in multilateral cooperation, low trust in institutions, and the largest wave of civil unrest since 1968.

The Trump White House’s response:

I hope you’ll find time to give this a read, and pass it on. #Trump’s devastating withdrawal from @WHO has barely registered in our over-saturated recent news cycle.

Data from Minnesota police showed three-fifths of those subjected to neck restraints and then rendered unconscious were black.

Zuckerberg’s post illustrates one of today’s classic oligarch moves: use the audacity of your purported do-gooding to distract people from your ongoing complicity in the harm that makes that do-gooding necessary.

Trying to “solve” the problem while you’re still actively making it worse.

“That leaves Bush holding the biggest stick here. ‘The Lincoln Project’ and a new group called ‘Republican Voters Against Trump’ have set the table for Bush to speak up. If he announces he is voting for Biden, it will change some votes.”

🇺🇸 Superb ad. Make America AMERICA again, not the Confederacy and all it stood for!

This is the third or fourth video I’ve seen of police driving vehicles into protestors, a tactic used by white supremacists to kill Heather Heyer here in Charlottesville.

“The problem goes far beyond qualified immunity. Politicians criminalize practically everything in daily life and then tell police ‘be nice’—or maybe mandate that cops attend sensitivity training.”

Believing that this an “is there anything he could say..” moment reallllly misunderstands the last four years—but explains a lot in terms of political reporters’ daily gymnastics to explain away and normalize an abnormal and dysfunctional and bigoted person. But they try. Hard.

A very small number of US city police forces have some sort of institutional memory of the fact that, fundamentally, a police officer is a civilian. The rest are mostly living out a well-funded, gear-laden fantasy of militarized occupation, immune from legal consequences.

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