Map shows the oldest company that has been continuously operating in almost every country. According to Wikipedia the five oldest companies all come from Japan (3x hotel 1x construction 1x paper).

Map source:
Wikipedia list:

Under Britain's new points-based immigration system, some 70% of EU migrants wouldn’t make the cut (via @bopinion)

.@NickKristof has three facts to share about U.S. health care: Rich Americans live 20 years longer than poor Americans, some 74 million Americans don’t have dental coverage and Trump’s policies have led to the loss of health insurance for 400,000 children

The UKs nuclear weapons are about to be replaced with US made next gen W93 nuclear warheads.

How do we know this? Because US Head of Strategic Command told the US Senate about the contract....

Before the UK MOD told Parliament or anyone else in the UK!

Why dont our MPs care?

A cool fact about America is tons of workers have no paid time off so you can’t always stay home when you’re sick.

Today in 1965 Constance Baker Motley became the 1st Black woman to serve as Manhattan Borough Prez. She had served as 1st Black woman in NY State Assembly, as the only woman on Brown v Bd, legal team & in ‘65, LBJ appt’d her 1st Black woman fed’l judge. #BlackHistoryMonth

These two pension funds with combined assets of $108 billion are determined to make their portfolios carbon neutral over the next decade and a half

The most common residential floor plans in European cities offer a window into urban history and culture.

@FeargusOSull explores classic home designs that define Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and London:


A domesticated version of the US’ war on terror is being enforced in American cities to target undocumented migrants through disporportionate force and tactics. In the process, there’s profit being made, writes @TyJoplin

And if you're worried about his economic agenda, what's your concern, exactly? That he'll run budget deficits? Trump is doing that already — and the economic effects have been positive 3/

America under a Sanders presidency would still be America, both because Sanders is an infinitely better man than Trump and because the Democratic Party wouldn't enable abuse of power the way Republicans have 2/

Well, Bernie Sanders is now the clear favorite for the Democratic nomination. Lots of things to say about that, but the most important is that he is NOT a left-leaning version of Trump. Even if you disagree with his ideas, he's not a wannabe authoritarian ruler 1/

In case you needed a reminder for how dire these days are, Sonia Sotomayor -- A SITTING SUPREME COURT JUSTICE -- sounds the alarm that the Supreme Court cannot be trusted to be fair & impartial.

It is biased in favor of trump.

We MUST defeat him.

“As national governments have become weak, paralyzed, and dysfunctional, cities and their mayors have filled the vacuum. In many critical areas, they are now the ones actually getting things done.”

Today we reveal how the world's biggest pesticide giants are still making billions selling toxic and bee-harming chemicals.

Working with @publiceye we've obtained sales for every major product, in every major market for every major crop. (Thread)

More comforting news. This is complete and utter incompetence!
"The US agency in charge of secure communication for the White House has been the victim of a cyber-attack."

One phenomenon that is going to be annoying is there are a lot of anti-Trump conservatives who've been given a big platform the last three years because their anti-Trump take has been interesting. But now these people are being given outsized say in analyzing the Dem primary.

As reports emerge of renewed Russian interference, remember that Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have blocked election security bills that would:

—Require campaigns to report foreign interference
—Hold social media companies accountable
—Ensure backup paper ballots

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know about centrist Democratic pundit and former strategist James Carville. His financial disclosure shows he consults with Palantir, the tech firm that powers mass surveillance and immigrant deportations

James Carville is still invited on TV to give his opinion on the race. In 2008 he declared Obama was unelectable, then wrote a book about how Dems would win every election for he next 40 years. (The following year nationwide Dems suffered the biggest loss in a century)

The biggest loser tonight remains America’s political pundit class that continues to either deliberately ignore the lessons of 2016 or is so blinded by bias they refuse to entertain the notion they’re out of touch with the voting polity they purportedly speak & know so much about

From reproductive rights to harassment in the workplace, courts have a profound impact on women’s rights and opportunities. Yet on states’ highest courts, women are only 37% of the bench.

Today, 38 percent of children under 5 in India lack a formal birth certificate. If they’re Muslim and their families lack other commonly missing documents, that could mean they’re rounded up and sent to detention centers around the country.

“In one of the most remarkable turns in a Texas race in decades, Cuellar collected an endorsement last week from the Libre Initiative, a donor network backed by the conservative Koch brothers that had never endorsed a Democrat for Congress.”

American immigration policy is being run by a white supremacist who is an enthusiastic supporter of torturing children. On the other hand, some of the Democrats’ health care proposals seem expensive and ambitious.

If Europe, the U.S. and much of the world can’t agree on new rules by December, a raft of countries will restart their own domestic digital tax plans, forcing American tech giants to cough up billions in extra revenue each year

Incredible split screen right now of MSNBC pundits in a state of panic about a progressive POTUS nominee hurting downticket candidates while the Dem House speaker campaigns for the Koch/NRA candidate in #TX28.

Imagine comparing a Jewish person whose relatives literally died in the Holocaust to the Nazis

Election-Year Trump Says He’s Ready To Float Farmers On Another River Of Taxpayer Cash

Here’s What Happens When Public Transit Is Free

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