While extreme weather poses a real threat to human societies, some of the most worrying aspects of climate change are much less obvious.

So, will it be perjury if he takes this oath? Asking for a future AG.

”I solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of Donald Trump now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws, so help me God.”

His failure to clamp down on reckless lending showed up in a series of debt crises during and after his time at the Fed

A series of courses to help planners master the brass tacks of real estate finance.

Households marked up their expectations of future inflation in November, even as they signaled plans to cut back on their spending.

Senator Graham has chosen to violate his oath to support and defend the Constitution, his oath to do impartial justice in an impeachment trial, and his duty to represent all the people of his state, not just those who share his political views or desire a particular outcome.

This in what may be the most closely contested and decisive state in the nation next year.

This exemplifies the atrocious level of ignorance, irresponsibility & unprofessionalism of #GOP. This, in addition to their deplorable white supremacist terrorist views, criminally corrupt influence in dirty money,legislative trickery,misogyny+fact deficiency. #ReasonsToVoteBlue

Also, if you’re going to try to drop the “East Coast elitists don’t get the heartland” line, maybe — maybe — don’t set it up with a preamble about how you were reading the latest issue of Vanity Fair with RuPaul on the cover and were shocked at what you found inside?

@VanityFair Speaking of hate mail, a common theme is the assumption that I am -- as an angry email from Kansas City just said -- "an East Coast elitist" who "hates the heartland."

Believe it or not, professors aren't actually hatched at their universities. And I was born in Kansas City.

Judging by my hate mail, the new issue of @vanityfair is now out with my article in it, so I'll just repost this.

This holiday season, give to the #OurWaterfront to help support resilient, revitalized and accessible coastlines!

So here's the completed picture:

Top Left: 18-24 - LAB 600, CON 0.
Top Right: 25-49 - LAB 407, CON 171.
Bottom Left: 50-64 - CON 354, LAB 215.
Bottom Right: 65+ - CON 575, LAB 32.

This happened on the same day Trump met with Lavrov:
GOP senator Mike Crapo blocked a bill re-introduced by Sens. Chris Van Hollen (D)and Sen. Marco Rubio (R), meant to prevent Russia and other countries from interfering in elections.

The debate about vacancy is really a debate about what kind of new housing cities are building, and what neighborhoods those homes are getting built in.

It's a dispute that illuminates the rifts in the broader housing movement, writes @urbenschneider.

The mask is off.

The water levels in 3 of the 5 Great Lakes are at their highest levels in history.
#OneVoiceEarth via @nrdc

While supervising Russia's financial institutions, agents of the KGB’s successor have siphoned off serious money

7% of Wisconsin’s registered voters could now be purged from voter rolls. Milwaukee & Madison account for 14% of state’s registered voters but 23% of purge list. This could have big impact on 2020 election

This has GRU-like fingerprints. Check Louisiana’s voting machines! Remember Trump has again asked Russia, not just Ukraine, to help him “win” reelection in 2020. Article I charges Trump’s compromise of our election integrity and national security . . .

Heard a lot about this project over the summer. Quite something to hear the Prime Minister speaking so bluntly about constructing an artificial island for Tuvalu

For all those who could or could not find the Snow Leopard in one of my previous posts, here is him raising his head for you 😀 🙂

Feb 5 2017.
#snowleopard #snow #camouflage #ismail #ismailshariff #findthesnowleopard

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A brilliant piece of writing and analysis from one of my favorite writers. A must read

Two bridge collapses are raising questions about the decision to entrust much of Italy's infrastructure to private operators

In cities like New York, Paris, Rotterdam, and soon San Francisco, car-free streets are emerging amid a growing movement, writes @BrooksRainwater.

"The U.S. cannot impose its will on China. But it can work with others to write rules that China cannot afford to ignore," writes @davidfrum:

The U.S. is terrible at reducing poverty: In the last 10 years, the share of its population at risk of poverty, 17.8%, has barely budged (via @bopinion)

#Mongolia is known for its cold winters and its cashmere. But recently its hot, dry summers and overgrazing have degraded the land, threatening jobs in the livestock industry, where 1 in 4 Mongolians work. How to turn it around? #IMFCountryFocus

"Limiting or even forbidding pollution is not the same as solving environmental problems." David Etsy, an environmental lawyer, explains why environmental policy is floundering #OpenFuture

In Niger, the equivalent of more than 110,000 football fields of grassland disappear every year.

Now, the Fulani nomads fear climate change will threaten their ancestral way of life.

Michael Bloomberg Has A Toxic Legacy On Lead

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