“For decades climate scientists have been warning Australian governments about the escalating threat of catastrophic bushfire conditions because of climate change.”- Dr Tom Beer who wrote world’s 1st bushfire & #climatechange paper. ⁦@climatecouncil⁩

Polling shows Senate’s 1st vote, tabling Dem request for witnesses and documents, not the way the public sees it; they want witnesses, and, oh yeah, the battle ground states think Trump should be removed; Senate defy the public at your own request.


"Any senator who votes to deny a witness, who votes to deny evidence, is voting to cover up the President's crimes and subversion of the Constitution," Chuck Schumer. This will remain in your record forever.

According to GDP projections through 2099, more than 75 percent of U.S. counties will be suffering economically because of the damage climate change wreaks.

@sarahsholder reports:

One of the best things you will read on #impeachment. Definitely read this before tomorrow.

Republicans Are About to Show Just How Low They’ll Go to Save Trump via @ElieNYC

Cipollone says “Not even Mr. Schiff’s Republican colleagues were allowed into the SCIF” during impeachment investigation.

That’s 100% false. Any member of the three investigating committees could attend, and many Republicans did!

Schiff: "The facts will come out in the end. The documents, which the president is hiding, will be released through the FOIA or through other means over time. Witnesses will tell their stories in book and film. The truth will come out. The question is, will it come out in time?"

The #GOPTaxScam allowed rich investors to take advantage of a MULTIBILLION-DOLLAR tax break meant to help poor neighborhoods. At the request of Democratic lawmakers, this tax loophole is now being investigated.

Election officials call these “paper ballots.” The only part counted as your vote is the QR code, which u can’t read. In L.A., voters have about 30 seconds to verify selections. If u don’t want a hackable machine between u & ur ballot, u must specify “hand marked” paper ballots.

The Sacramento Bee editorial board delivered a blistering critique of GOP Rep. Devin Nunes, declaring in an editorial that voters in his California district “deserve better.” via @HuffPostPol

If only there was some way of knowing why a Prime Minister whose party has received £3.5m from Russian donors and who won the referendum thanks to Russian interference is still suppressing a report into Russian interference.

Official government analysis suggests that Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will reduce annual economic growth by 6.7% compared to staying in the EU. This is a bigger reduction in economic growth than the financial crisis of 2008-2009. Put that on a bus.

Poll: Americans Worried About Election Security, Disinformation

For some reason, the great @rcbregman was not re-invited to Davos this year...

Who will tell them?

In 1950, the wealthiest Americans paid 70% of their income in taxes.

In 2018 they paid 23% — less than any other income group.

#MidnightMitch is also hiding the trial. He is not allowing C-SPAN cameras in, or allowing reporters free access to lawmakers - they will be roped off.

Last week every Senator took an oath to be impartial jurors.

Which means we finally got to see #MidnightMitch & most of the GOP Senate lie to God on national TV.


The rules Sen. McConnell has proposed for the president's impeachment trial are the equivalent of a head juror colluding with the defendant to cover up a crime.

Call your senators and urge them to push for witnesses and evidence, not a cover-up:

The century-old consensus on how to manage international taxation has eroded, with potentially far-reaching consequences. @ItaiGrinberg considers the sources of this conflict and potential solutions:

@B52Malmet It is still shocking to me that former members of the administration who witnessed horrendous wrongdoings remain silent to this day. If you can put it in a book, you can tell the American people before it’s too late! This is beyond criminal!

Hedge funds not controlled by white men had returns almost double their peers over the last three years, according to research by Bloomberg

Today's figures show that real wages, even by the ONS's more favourable measure (CPIH), are still, over 11 years later, below where they were before the recession.

We need to discard existing frameworks of growth tradeoffs and environmental externalities in favor of a new paradigm of system transitions, mass mobilization, and technological innovation.

More frequent and severe flooding poses a threat to infrastructure. The Planning for Infrastructure Resilience report (PAS Report 596) outlines the role of planners in ensuring that infrastructure is prepared for an unpredictable future.

Full report at

We mentioned this man yesterday, John Roosevelt Robinson, one of the original members of the 761st Tank Battalion, arrested for refusing to sit in the back of a military bus on Hood, Texas. The world knows him as sports icon Jackie Robinson.

The U.S.-China Phase One Trade Deal includes a pledge by the Chinese to purchase an additional $200 billion of goods over the next 2 years (additional relative to a 2017 baseline), including $50 billion in energy.

Yet another wake-up call that #ClimateChange, economies & #SocialJustice all depend on #nature. While nature is in trouble, solutions are plentiful, and many of them in our #cities. Join @CitiesWNature today and discover the wealth of #NatureBasedSolutions

Fed intervention comes as an overnight repo totaling $58.6 billion and a 14-day repo totaling $32.2 billion.

China has pledged to buy more American agriculture products, as well as oil and gas, because the U.S. has obsessed about closing its trade deficit. This misses the point: It's the economic complexity of exports that matters.

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